English trophy set for Senran Kagura: Estival Versus pops up

still needa beat versus lol.

Shit fuck bloodborne and FF15... this and nep VII is whats getting me into thinking about getting a ps4 >.>
Oh god, watch as this releases close to SK2's release date.
I think it'd be a terrible move considering how niche it is. Plus it would probably split the fan base (outside of the hardest core) to choose one over the other.

Would much rather it be like at least 6-8 months after SK2 at the very least to give me (and others) time to breathe between games.

It's the same thing with me and Etrian games. I just can't bring myself to play those styled games more than once a year because I just get largely disinterested really fast. I had that problem going from EOIV to EOU.


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Trophy list doesn't seem to be shared, if anyone cares.

I think I'll go PlayStation 4. Game looks much better than Shinovi Versus.