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News Drama EPIC in love cahoots with Nvidia GeForce Now [Epic is wholeheartedly supporting GeForce Now]

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Elektro Demon

Shits and Giggles
Nov 9, 2019

Activision Blizzard, Bethesda, 2K, and indie studio Hinterland have all pulled games from Nvidia's streaming service GeForce Now since it left beta and added a paid tier for subscribers. Epic is one company that won't be joining them, as CEO Tim Sweeney clarified on Twitter.
"Epic is wholeheartedly supporting NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service", he wrote, "with Fortnite and with Epic Games Store titles that choose to participate (including exclusives), and we’ll be improving the integration over time."
At the moment GeForce Now users only have streaming access to a selection of games they already own on Steam, with Nvidia allowing publishers to opt-out of having their games accessible in this way. As we explained during the week, not everyone is happy with the arrangement and Capcom pulled out even before the end of the beta.

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