Epic is developing a PC exclusive game

That new UE4 demo was a "medieval fantasy" style demo, and they can't have failed to notice how well Diablo III, a PC-only, online only game did. I'm not saying they're building their own Diablo III, but honestly, I hope it's something new for Epic. I think another Unreal Tournament is not going to be very well received at this time.


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Unreal 3. Full on atmospheric first person shooter with a solitary character exploring an alien planet, soundtrack similar to the first game. Lets do it.
They really need to bring back Unreal.

Maybe not even call it Unreal 3 and just reboot it as "Unreal" and make it the showcase game for UE4 on PC.

It really would be an amazing comeback for them on PC and (providing it was pretty good) would sell like few other games could.
I don't get why people want another Unreal game. The series had zero identity or character to it. The level design was boring as hell too for the most part.
this is largely correct, though I think the level design varied wildly from one designer to another. levels like the sunspire were pretty much just a boring slog through a dull series of copy-pasted areas, but I recall maps like bluff eversmoking with great affection.
I'll believe it's PC exclusive when I see it.
There's no point to making it exclusive unless it's an MMO or they are planing something so incredibly graphics intensive, it can't be dumbed down without compromising the gameplay or something. What that would be I have no idea. I don't think a new UT game would fair well. The last one bombed. A new sp Unreal would be awesome ! But that wouldn't make sense to keep it PC exclusive.
They need to make the Samaritan concept into a full fledged game.
Unreal Tournament's been done, there's nothing more they can do to it but add prettier gfx, let's get some new and interesting IP please rather than more rehashes.