Epic Mickey 2: Power of Illusion (3DS, Dreamrift)


Illusion + Mickey = awesome

Epic + Mickey < Illusion + Mickey

Illusion + Mickey + Epic = big fan backlash
Illusion + Mickey + Epic < Epic + Mickey < Illusion + Mickey

Better show me some Ducks next time.
I dont think your maths are right.
Let me explain.

...Of Illusion = Nostalgia, sells to old fans
Epic + Mickey = has the Mickey name in big letters, sells well to children, children loved Epic Mickey
Epic Mickey + of Illusion = Nostalgia fans, kid fans = $$$

Now add to that IF the game is good it will sell even better and pleases all types of fans for a next game.

Now there, here you have your formulas corrected. Have a nice day.
I really want Disney to work out a deal with Sega to republish their old MD/SMS/GG games on Virtual Console, XBLA and PSN. Would be the perfect time to jump on this and cross-promote.
Hey guys. The April edition of Nintendo Power's got the full scoop on this and subscribers should start getting their issues any day now.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two & Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion
Get your paint and thinner ready! Mickey and Oswald are back in two wondrous Epic Mickey sequels&#8212;one on Wii and one on Nintendo 3DS. We&#8217;ve got interviews, exclusive details, and more.

(Pics of the game are from the Wii version)



Holy crap! Today's real megaton is that more than two people can have the same first name.
And the site I can't mention also has a scan of the front page of Nintendo Power magazine, announcing this game.. So I guess it's real.
You won't be disappointed. ;-)
*looks at profile* Oh!

I actually do hope it's a pure 2D game with sprites and all, I want it to look like its own thing, and not the console version from a side angle, plus the 2.5D bits in the original weren't so good.

Dreamrift has good 2D sprite experience with Hatsworth and Monster Tale.

So yeah, I may actually agree that it could be the definitive version if done right, because I'm not so optimistic after the original, it wasn't bad, just disappointing and dull.
If you're just guessing because there's no crosshair, notice there's no HUD whatsoever for these images...

The rest elements look like the Wii version, no weird shimmering effect for the thinned stuff, blob shadows.
that too i guess, but there's no jaggies anywhere so it's probably some rendered images (of wii version) downsampled