Epic reiterates it is still making games; multiple in development

With the sale this morning of its iconic Gears of War franchise, Epic Games felt compelled to say it still is in the business of making video games, not just the technology that drives them.


The better question: Are they still in the business of making AAA console games, as they have in the past?
Yeah, probably not a good sign when they're using Fortnite as the proof that they're still making games. I had honestly figured that game was cancelled. I can't remember seeing a single bit of footage from it outside the initial reveal trailer.
How many years has it been since Fortnite was announced?

I think that was announced before Unreal Engine 4 was official and that was nearly 2 years ago now.

Anyway. I bet Epic are making a MOBA.


I asked this question in the Gears thread, but it fits a bit more now: When was the last time Epic showed off new stuff about Fortnite?

Is it in development or in "development" (i.e. the same way The Last Guardian is)?


As Sartre noted in his contemplation on Hell in No Exit, the true horror is other members.
Yep Valve's still making games too.

It's a nice diversion to occupy your time with as the money comes rolling in.


Dam Whats wrong with the gaming industry lately?! Seems like they dont know what to do with thier IPs anymore.

Epic's excuse is that they were basically bought by a massive Chinese F2P gaming company. It makes sense that their focus would shift under the circumstances.


Epic Games renaming to just Epic? Ha ha.

With Gears gone though, there isnt much I think of them game wise.... Infinity blade 1/2/3 and Unreal Tournament 3 are all else I've played from them. (And Bulletstorm if that counts)

Would like to see them make a new FPS personally... or a new 3rd Person Shooter... They seem to be a little...different for those genres.
as does, Valve and iD Software.
You know, we all just don't like showing off and stuff.

*I miss the old days were you guys were showing off and stuff*


I still think that their tech demos were using assests from the games they are currently making. Looking forward to see what they've been up to at E3 ( I'm guessing )


Whats with the Valve comparisons? Valve has actually released some games these last few years. At least one game a year since 2003. What has Epic released?
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