Epic release new Unreal Engine 4 tech demo "Infiltrator", runs on a single GTX 680

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http://www.geforce.com/whats-new/ar...80-powered-unreal-engine-4-tech-demo-unveiled (Third video here.)

This is your generational leap right here for those judging next gen solely on early games like KZ4. I could easily see this running at 1080p/30FPS on PS4.

Demo runs on a single GTX 680, same hardware as the earlier elemental demo and Samaritan.

Gifs courtesy of SunhiLegend:

Sensationalist thread title but I tend to agree. The background city looks on par with KZ4 showing yet the close combat stuff looks miles better.

I am very, very impressed with this UE4 demo. Much more than after seeing that crappy Elemental.
Looks very nice. Not sure about "Killzonewho" though, Killzone was actual gameplay of an actual game. This is still just a tech demo on a PC.


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Hey, so that your thread didn't become a total shitshow, I fixed your title for you.


this/deep down/agni's philosophy are the kind of stuff that gives me "next-gen" feel.

I know we probably will get big downgrade on the actual consoles, but hopefully we can reach similar quality by the end of the next gen.



I must confess. They have finally made a good tech demo with art direction and story sequence that didnt suck. :D Sure it was dark and void of colors, but it was way better than Samaritan.

Hopefully they will announce what kind of PC is running this. Most probably Titan...
or two.


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It is kind of sad that Epic put so much work in to vegetation in UE3 and got it looking real nice that they would then debut UE4 with a cookie cutter space marine demo.


What a cheesy unimpressive cliche fest. Terrible lighting, unimpressive textures etc etc Tech looks good but they should have found a more inspired way of showing it off.


You know what they teach us in tv production class about lens flares and spots on the camera lens? They're bad. Yet the gaming industry intentionally adds that shit to everything. Drives me crazy.


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The last part was really cool, and dat wet floor, I hope that's the next cool thing everyone is going to put in their games, water and puddles everywhere!


I'll preface my comments with " Beauty is in the eye of the beholder"

To this beholder, this looks far less beautiful than KZ:SF. A color palette of 80% grays is boring and borderline ugly. I love how the "good guys" and "bad guys" wear the same boring gray uniforms. From a tech side, Unreal Engine 4 will deliver the goods and be excellent, but this demo was less interesting that the last one (fire & ice demo).


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These sort of videos do nothing for me. I'd much rather see someone aimlessly walking around in a game world than these hollywood trailers.
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