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Eric Trump funneled cancer charity money to his businesses, associates: report

“If you are raising money for X, and you give it to Y, that is fraud, even if Y is a charity,” says James Fishman, a former assistant attorney general for the state of New York who now teaches at Pace University’s law school. “If I’m writing a check for somebody, and you give it to somebody else, I mean that is fraudulent.”

This looks like what he did. Hopefully New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman can get a great case together which, as it is state and not federal, can't be pardoned by Trump.


He totally looks like:



Now we wait for the news on Tiffany Trump.

... I didn't even know there was a Tiffany. I hope she's not as shitty as the others. Well, the 10-year old's too young to be completely awful, but I fear for his future.

I wonder if the city or state of New York could eminent domain Trump Tower and then knock it over and build a monument to diversity in its place.

Oh man, that'd be glorious. It'd be a cathartic step forward after this is all said & done, as unlikely as it'd be.
The Eric Trump Foundation wasn’t always this way. The president’s second son started the charity in 2007 with two friends and, by all accounts, good intentions. In its first four years, the organization sent almost all of its money to St. Jude. It made one major exception, in 2008, when it gave $65,000 to a charity that supports military families.
But in 2010, the culture inside the Eric Trump Foundation began to change. Four of the original seven directors of the charity dropped off of the board, and three essentially full-time Trump Organization employees joined, marking the beginning of a power shift that ultimately left the organization controlled mostly by people who were financially dependent on Eric’s father, Donald Trump.

Trump fucks everything up. Wow.

Fuck Eric for going along with it, obviously, but it seems like he was trying to do the right thing until his dad started throwing his weight around.
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