ESRB: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2 Wii U amd Vita boumd

the limited edition is available for PC on Amazon for £14.99/$23.00, never seen a pre-order price this low before.

not sure what this means for the game - this is supposed to be a full second game right, not an expansion or anything?
It'd be awesome if Vita was included in the platform line-up (this game caught my eye on console but I've forgotten about it; having it portable might respark my interest and it could be cool to play with touch and gyros rather than dual analog since "real sniping" is the fun of this series.)

I wonder though if Vita is being registered as a PS3 controller or accessory, if this game is coming to Wii U? They might be ESRBing the app for coordinating with the PS3 game to include Wii U functions rather than actually registering a unique SKU.
I'm secretly hoping that the Wii-U keeps the Vita alive so this news pleases me immensely.

On-topic: Sniper Ghost Warrior 2, huh? Okay. I was always under the impression that the game was complete shit. Apparently it runs on CryEngine 3. Is that news too?

The upcoming Sniper game will use CryEngine 3, echoing Crytek's earlier statement that a title using the engine is on its way to Wii U.
The first game is more than decent. Multiplayer is a special treat. I'm looking forward to the sequel. And with Wii U likely being my main gaming platform next gen I'm happy with this news. The more good games like this the better.