ESRB Watch: Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 rated for the Xbox 360/Playstation 3 (!!!)

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I will triple-dip on this one. Well worth my money, too!

Hopefully they can make it work in widescreen and HD, but I'll be happy with the SD version.


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I just realized, this will prolly suck online.

Soon everyone will know the pain that Magneto brings.

OR maybe they intend on fixing the balance!
Woman said:
oh my butt. i still have my dc version, but mvc2 in hd!?!?
If all the artwork and sprites are resampled to native HD resolutions (I'd wager they were not, but hope they are), then holy shit, this is going to be the definitive version by a mile.


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I knew it was coming to the 360, but PS3 too? Fucking sweet. I thought Capcom were going to leave us PS3 owners out in the cold. With HD Remix, SFIV, MvC2 and RE5 I propose a motion for Capcom to be renamed Fapcom.


So I mean, after all that BS if this can come out then what the f**k is stopping MVC3?!?


And release them on Wii too, share the glorious love with everyone.
Captain N said:
I will spend a lot of time playing online, but not a lot of time winning.
Same here, but this is one of those games that's enjoyable even when you're losing, because it's just so bonkers.

I wonder if this means Capcom have re-acquired the Marvel license? They're the only game studio to really do the license justice.
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