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Estimated 5 million new gun owners (so far) in 2020


May 18, 2007
26 is my favorite sub compact out of the ones I own and have fired. My wife hates it, but loves the 92, she prefers handling a bigger gun 😉
Good to know I think the baby Glock is cute but it’s impossible to get a CCW in the Bay Area without donating to our sheriffs re-election committee otherwise I’d probably get one.

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God Enel

Mar 26, 2011
In those crazy times I would buy guns as well if I was living in the US.


Apr 19, 2018
I'm off work next week and heading down to the gun shop then to talk to them about buying my first one. Hoping they have stock in. I plan on taking a few safety classes and then going to the range every once in awhile after.

If they don't have what you want in stock, ask how much they will charge you to act as a FFL for an online purchase. Then you can go on a site like Gunbroker, purchase what you want, and have it shipped to your local store.

Most places around me charge $25 - $30 to handle the transaction and you can often save money purchasing online.


Jun 20, 2007
I'm not normally a gun guy but I got an AR 15 cus I heard it's similar to the m4/M16 that I used in the Army back in the day. Was thinking about getting whatever the civilian version of the Beretta m9 pistol but a buddy talked me into getting a striker fired pistol instead, got the Turkish military pistol apparently Canik tp9sf for $300.

Apparently my state has very lax gun laws, I was expecting some sort of waiting period of a few weeks but I walked out with my gun after 30 min running a background check and filling out some form. Seems a bit too easy?? Now I'm discovering the joys of trying to find ammo, shit harder to find than toilet paper, n95 masks or hand sanitizer a few mo back lol
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