ET found in landfill [Xbox troll = ban]

Seraphis Cain

bad gameplay lol
Apr 8, 2009
Calling bullshit.

Planted to promote MS's documentary.
Well, I mean...they certainly weren't gonna go to all this trouble and end up with an "Al Capone's vault" situation. They were gonna end up with E.T., regardless of whether or not it was actually there (not saying I don't think it was there).

(God, that Al Capone's vault reference is going to date me like crazy.)
Oct 19, 2010
I kinda figured they must have confirmed the presence of the games in this particular location recently, because I know they'd been working on this for a while, and then suddenly they announced everyone should show up today, and bam they find them. Not a conspiracy at all, but just that they knew exactly where to look after lots of research, and then they had everyone show up today to do the official "find".

Either way, cool story, and it might be fun to watch the documentary when it's finished.
Apr 11, 2013
I thought they steam-rollered it and the dumped concrete on? Not quite sure how they've kept their colour all this time, some old stuff that's been up in my loft doesn't look that good.

Anyway, seeing those boxes all banged up like that makes me sad, no matter what the game. It's like seeing my nostalgia trampled.