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Eternal Champions successor in planning stages

Apr 10, 2014
Couldn't find a thread about this.
Greetings FGC.

Michael Latham the Creator of Eternal Champions wants to know from you if we should bring back a game in the vein of Eternal Champions?
We currently have the opportunity with a team of FG vets, former Sega\SNK\Namco to do a new fighter, and we personally want to hear from you if you think we should do this.

Currently we are in the planning phase, and would be looking for community support and feedback to make the best product possible, but first do you wwant it?

Please post your opinions, feedback, and constructive thoughts, favorite memories, etc. What would you all like to see?

Through a thread on SRK and an interest poll it seems that there are some plans from producers Michael Latham and Adam Starcaster at making a modern revival of the Eternal Champions franchise. No word on any talks with Sega at the moment, but as a user pointed out in the thread this would be in a similar vein to the recent Wonder Boy, Shenmue, and Toejam & Earl revivals. The team has been asking for and gauging feedback and apparently prepping some domains for the project, which I'll add once/if they go up. As of now the game is being dubbed Eternal Successors.

A recent update also included some experimental UE4 mockups showcasing the character Trident Aggor, the stylish Atlantis background from reminiscent of the original game, and a sample over(t)kill:

3/25/2017 Update
We want to thank you all for the tremendous feedback and support we have gotten over the past week. We are happy with all feedback, and glad to know there are so many of you that still love EC. That being said we got 1400+ votes for yes and about 50 or so for no on a reboot. I wonder if we could get 10X that in the coming weeks? We need your help to make this happen. Michael, has been quite ill and apologizes for the lack of info up to this point. Once he is back on his feet we will be organizing more updates.

Most importantly for this project to happen we need you! We are looking for Community Champions who can help us with constant feedback, even brutal feedback. Don't think we don't notice the ones of you who don't play or haven't played because if we can build something that you would play, this would be huge for us. So those who hated it, let us know what you feel would make it work in the market now, so we can make it even better.

4/12/2017 Update
We have been working on the plan for the game, as well as doing early visualization and mockups of how we envision the game. Obviously this is still early and we are getting more excited daily. We are considering what path to take with the project, but excited to share more with you as it develops. Michael has been sick for a few weeks now, but is on the road to recovery and getting back into the groove with us.

We are adding some visualization tests, we want to be open and transparent with some ideas, but nothing is decided but rather ask the community for feedback and see what gets you excited outside the core mechanics, which is obviously the most important part, and something we won't show until we feel its ready.

We are always going to try to offer some transparency throughout this process, to better give you all insight to what goes on internally, but also to make sure when we do move forward, its in the right direction.

Added 2 mockups in UE4, tests right now are to make it feel retro optionally in settings. Trying to tribute the color pallets of Ernie Chan and the original Sega titles.

And here's that poll one more time. Though they seem willing to go ahead if possible, more attention to the project could help to communicate whether or not genuine interest
and possibly funding
is there, especially if it brings more written feedback along with it. It's also an opportunity to use:



Aug 22, 2012
Never managed to beat the final boss in that game on Genesis back then...


Dec 7, 2008
That background looks dope as fuck, the character model kind of reminds me of the new KI- I wonder if that was their inspiration in looking to get this off of the ground? What's with the weird grainy pixel filter tho?

If they rustle together a good team of vets, and make something at least as fun as the new KI I'd be in for this. the old game had a great style even if the fighting was a lil janky and some of the kills were really gross


Aug 22, 2012
That asshole with the multiple forms and life bars?

...yeah, I remember him. I'll always remember him.

Exactly this guy.

I don't think I did either. Just watched a run-through of it on World of Longplays a few weeks ago, actually. It was a fucking cheap boss. Really bad.

So did I today basically. I watched a yt video of someone who managed to do it, just to be disappointed by the ending.
Apparently they didn't even have an ending for each character but a generic one.


Nov 30, 2012
The hand animated fatalities were amazing. Much better than the janky looking MK fatalities.


Feb 3, 2008
former SNK, interested. i think i owned the original at some point. not my fav fighter but it was definitely cool back in the day.

Big One

Sep 8, 2009
I've always thought Eternal Champions could do well to be revived or rebooted. It had a lot of interesting ideas for it's time like the extensive backstory (MK had this somewhat but it wasn't as much as Eternal Champions). I would love to see another narrative driven fighting game on the market outside of Mortal Kombat.


Apr 2, 2012
Interesting they'd try and revive this after all this year. I liked the idea of this game but I didn't think it was great though. Regardless, I do want to see what they would do with it.