Eugenie Bouchard is lonely and looking for a man

Jan 24, 2010
She's not a top, top player because she didn't dedicate herself entirely to the sport.

It's not all bad though, she probably makes more from the side-gigs than on the court. Talented though.
May 4, 2005
Confident: I post on NeoGAF, how much more confident could a man possibly be?
Funny: It surely is sufficient if I can laugh about myself?
Stylish: I have a great wardrobe of jeans and t-shirts of which I always take the item from the top of the stack to look glorious, of course. How could one be more stylish?
179cm or taller: If my ego accounts for 10 additional cms, then again, count me in.

I think she does not meet my primary criterion though, unfortunately:
- Be the fantastic person I am married to.

So, even though we have established I perfectly fit her criteria, she will have to work a bit on herself :(.
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Oct 30, 2013
LOL @Bullet Club I'm happily married thank you very much and in all honesty she doesn't quite necessarily measure up to my wife either. But as someone who has met her numerous times with my wife and kids at various tennis events I can tell you now that the reason she's single has a lot to do with her attitude. She's quite the firecracker and can rub people the wrong way with her short temper.


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Jun 25, 2018
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Both girls love to show their bodies off on Instagram.

By default i would consider that not a serious option because it screams the need for vapid validity and vanity.

But for a date/restaurant/homestretch, well yeah ofcourse.

@Yoshi does not count though, as he is a German dino. And yes, that is stereotypical. But given my country of origin, i am allowed to make that comment, as can he about me. :)


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018
Could it be you, [vis_name][/vis_name]?

She's a tennis player, for those that haven't heard of her.

Bullet Club's rating:

Confident - Nope
Funny - Debatable
Stylish - Are hoodies stylish?
179cm or taller - Yay, I qualify for one. By a couple of centimetres.

Oh well, I can still check out her pics.

As a tennis player just think of the strength in her forearms and her grip. If she can handle a racket you know what else she can handle amrite :)....
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