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Euro gamer: Nvidia acknowledges leaked PC game list, including God of War and Final Fantasy 7 Remake


Dec 12, 2013
I never would imagine we would live in a world where we identify as gamers, yet some get excitement/happiness if some random person can't play the same game they enjoy. That's some insecure, selfish, childish kinda mentality right there. Smh
Don’t be silly, everyone is welcome to play any game, they just have to be loyal to the correct plastic box first 😂


Sep 17, 2005
this 100% no way this isnt signed off by a marketing department and vetted before going live. It was the backlash that caused the response IMO.
It was a different splash screen between the live stream and the initial trailer upload

I could see Demons Souls coming to PC but that screenshot is a legitimate error IMO
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