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Eurogamer Rumor: Skyrim remaster, Prey 2, Wolfenstein 2, Evil Within 2 for E3


Jan 8, 2012
Eurogamer understands this rumour to be true, and we've also heard Bethesda will announce The Evil Within 2, Wolfenstein 2 and re-announce Prey 2 during the conference.

The Skyrim remaster rumours originate from reputable industry insider Shinobi602, as well as another apparent insider posting on NeoGAF as Enter the Dragon Punch.

Shinobi602 cautiously mentioned "a remaster of sorts ... for something" during an H.A.M. Radio podcast (via Gematsu). German website GamePro.de ran a story saying it was Skyrim, and Enter the Dragon Punch corroborated the assumption in a GAF thread by saying "it's real".

Monsieur Dragon Punch went on to add that the Skyrim remaster will contain "mods, all DLC [and] improved visuals". Mod support is the key inclusion there - it being the thing that makes Skyrim so enduringly popular on PC. Remember, console mod support is something Bethesda now has up and running in Fallout 4 on Xbox One, and will bring to PS4 later this month.

Prey 2, meanwhile, is thought to be completely different to the Human Head-developed Prey 2 we previewed in 2011. It's believed to have been built anew by the relatively new Austin, Texas arm of Dishonored developer Arkane. Kotaku leaked internal emails about Prey 2 a few years ago. However, Bethesda said in 2014 that the game had been cancelled.

Wolfenstein: New Order 2 we caught a whiff of when the voice actor of a key character in the first game said she was working on a second game in the series.

The Evil Within 2 we haven't heard anything notable about although a sequel is generally expected - the first game being one that went down well. We Recommended The Evil Within in our review.

Co-signs Gaf insiders reports about Skyrim. The Evil Within 2 speculation is shaky though.


May 2, 2012
Wolf 2 please!! I loved the first one. Best SP FPS this gen with Doom.


Feb 13, 2009
I really hope we see The Evil Within 2. Absolutely adored the original. I'm quite interested in revisiting Skyrim again, so a remaster would be the perfect opportunity. Curious to see what they've done with Prey 2, I have fond memories of the original.
Dec 11, 2012
Really hope Prey 2 is at least SOMETHING like the original concept of an open world bounty hunting game.

Anything less would be a waste


Apr 16, 2012
Prey 2 is going to be a completely different game from what Human Head showed off years ago. After Bethesda's hostile takeover attempt of HH and cancellation of that version, who knows how similar it will be to that.