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Europeans Protesting Lockdowns


Jan 22, 2007
These type of protests have been going on for months, the filming issue blended into it in France.

I live in France, and there's zero overlap between protesting lockdowns and protesting the filming law. The tweets you post are still mixing everything up, the first one is about getting more funding for health services, the second for opening churches during lockdowns (not protesting the lockdown itself), 3rd and 4th are about the filming law, and only the 5th is against lockdown of businesses itself.
Just a quick way to recognize them, lockdown protests = small crowds, other protests = big crowds.
Btw it would be pointless for business owners to demonstrate against lockdowns right now, as it's been partly lifted precisely this weekend (shops are allowed to open again, provided they follow some sanitary rules)
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Joe T.

Oct 3, 2004
Montreal, Quebec
I live in France, and there's zero overlap between protesting lockdowns and protesting the filming law.

It all boils down to loss of liberty/authoritarianism, I'd find myself supporting all those protests if I was there. You may see them as entirely separate issues, but I don't because visibility/accountability of law enforcement is more important than ever as they go to extremes to enforce unnecessarily restrictive measures against the virus. Someone unbothered by or even enjoying post-pandemic life might have trouble seeing that.

This pandemic has created powder kegs for governments around the world, an issue that's proven to be extremely divisive (advantageous if anyone was aiming to create a global government). A convenient compilation from over a month ago of protests over various issues, lock downs among them:

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Confirmed Asshole
Apr 3, 2008
Hamburg, Germany
The protests in Germany have been going on for like half a year. They picked up in momentum roughly at the start of August. The momentum hasn't changed though. Weird narrative with the waking-up part. I don't see that at all.

I'd be careful with equating protests with the will of the general populus. You don't have the numbers. In a democracy, it's about who is elected. Can't flip that with protests.

I also don't get this: On the one hand, protesters are on the streets because of perceived repression. On the other, they can protest, and are treated uncommonly kind, even if the protests are canceled by police. If anything, the police is blowing sugar up their asses.

The impression the general populus seems to be under at this point is that there are special rules for Corona protesters. The expectation is that they're getting a proper beatdown, as is custom in Germany when masses of people ignore the law. But that's what the counter-protesters are getting. The police seems to be picking sides for some reason. Wonder why...

Coupled with the fact that the extreme right has a quite noticeable presence in the protests, and the organizers at hand have ties to right-wing politic circles, it's easy to arrive at a completely different point of view than the one I'm reading in some posts here. To spell it out: Maybe the investigations into German police regarding widespread connections to the extreme-right underground are a very important undertaking that was long overdue.

There's your waking-up story.


Listen, all Germans hate the lockdowns, masks, distance rules. Sure. That's not in question. But we hate these protests even more. Those motherfuckers are perpetuating the state we're now in. If they protested with proper distancing, and if they took extra steps away from Nazi scum that opportunistically injects itself into the proceedings, then there would be nothing to complain about. But they're literally shitting on the law, and this is why they're regarded as idiots. The term that's been coined is Covidiots, if you want to know. They're regarded as an assortment of village idiots. And this is down to their behavior.

The disappointment in the lack of resolve of police will have consequences, too. Loss of respect, eventually resentment, are to be expected. They fucked that up all by themselves, too. Good going there.
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Apr 21, 2016
The WHO themselves are saying lockdowns are bad lol. Perhaps that's just a glitch in the NWO system though. :lollipop_grinning_sweat:


Torrent of Pork

Gold Member
Aug 29, 2018
Bartow, Florida, USA
There’s a pandemic and you all think it’s a global attempt to Erode your liberties

Rather than what it says on the tin

What cuckoo juice do you all drink:messenger_tears_of_joy::messenger_tears_of_joy:
To call the Patriot Act an abortion of American liberty is not the same as claiming the Government orchestrated 9/11 for the purpose of instituting the Patriot Act.