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Ever had Sellers remorse?


I regret selling my 3080 graphics card and not holding out to sell the rest of the computer too - so I am left with a PC with no graphics card.
However, selling the 3080 meant I could buy a Mac Mini M1, 16GB RAM, 1TB NVMe and an Xbox Series X - so I guess it worked out.

Guitars, however, major remorse. I wish I had never sold my Ibanez JS1000BTB or RG3120VV.


I sold my Earthbound SNES cartridge for about $100.00.

I highly regret it. That game shaped part of my childhood :(


My mother sold all my N64 stuff for 100€ to get some space some years ago (brand new looking N64+ more then 10 games (Mario Kart, Mario 64, Orcarina of Time etc.)). I had all boxes perfectly stored, she threw away the game boxes and send everything cramped into the N64 box, then wrapped tape around it :D
It was worth a fortune before she destroyed the boxes, but I still regret not picking the stuff up earlier.


For sure. Years ago I got a copy of Ninja 5-0 here in the buy sell thread. I got it for $5. Soon after shit hit the fan and I had to sell it since I knew it was worth something. Some dude in brazil bought it on ebay from me for $180. Was a nice turn around but I would still like to have it now.

Sold a psOne with the screen around the same time that I would still like to have since it was an oddity but oh well.


I sold my PS2 backwards compatible PS3 around 2011 for something like 250€. I needed the money and I had decent PC at the time.

Few years later maybe 2016 I had this urge to play Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction, so I purchased three used PS2 in search of one that actually works. Probably used about 100€ to buy the game and those barely working PS2s.


I know it is kind of funny, but I am still mad at myself for giving away all of my RockBand and Guitar hero stuff. Especially after RockBand was released on Xbox One and I could have had all my old songs on there. There was just something about some days, just playing these games to listen to music but still do something active. Every now and then I want to do that and also play RockBand with friends again.

The prices to buy these things now are ridiculous. So oh well, my lost.


Yeah, and I've been rebuying all the games I regretted selling. Told myself I won't be trading games in again.


Yep. Sold my 3dfx1.... for like 25usd in 2001.
And I regret selling Oculus DK1. Such an amazing piece this would be now but cmon. I sold it for at least 300usd more than I've paid oculus :p
I sold 1.5 bitcoin for 900$ back in 2015. 😩
If you would have invested $1000 back into bitcoin in 2016, $1,000 would have bought you 1.52 bitcoin at a price of $656.17 per coin. Today, that investment would be worth $58,900, representing growth of 5,805%.


I sold every PS2 game that got a PS3 HD remaster because I didn't see the point of keeping essentially worse versions of the game...

...Big, BIG mistake. Most HD remasters were hosed in one way or another.


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Yea, but not because of dollar value. I regretted selling my Vita. Realistically though, I wouldn't be playing it now if I had it.
I sold my Wii U and got an Xbox elite controller. I didn't really feel that bad about it. However, I still haven't played BoTW and waiting on the price of the Switch to go down makes me sad sometimes.

Old Retro

Circa 2011 I bought Nier for the PS3. Played a few hours and hated it. Sold it back to Gameflop with no hesitation.

Nier Automata is one of my favorite recent games and I was pretty surprised the 2 were related back in 2017.

Picked up Nier Replicant a few months back and thought...

During the first few cutscenes I realised it's the same fucking game!!! I love the PS4 version for some reason. I hold on to my games these days.


Nah, everething i sold im ok with. I do have lender remorse for some games and movies i lended to some friends, and never saw them again.


thinks Halo Infinite is a new graphical benchmark
Trade in values are solid and the next thing you know you’re getting cash for a console you don’t use.


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My parents made my sell my Commodore 64 before buying me an Amiga.

I'm still devastated.


I sold my SNES back in 2005. Never selling another console again.

I also gave away my (almost) holy grail CRT back in 2016 because I thought the fuzzy image was simply caused by age. Turned out it was just the shitty DVI > VGA adapter that I had been using.
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