Every Conservative Ought to Watch Tucker Carlson’s Latest Monologue

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Nov 23, 2010

Tucker Carlson’s monologue heard round the world is interesting on its own terms. In it, he argues against a conservatism that consistently prizes commercial interests above those of everyone else. I encourage you to watch or read it in full. Yet the response on the right is as interesting as Carlson’s monologue itself, for it reveals a discomfort among some conservatives for balancing the tensions that exist in our coalition and in our ideology.
To put a particularly fine point on it: Our economy has not produced fewer dead children and more living parents in America, at least not in the section of the country where I live. The opioid epidemic, in particular, has ravaged whole communities — driving down life expectancy, depriving children of their parents, and parents of their children. The human cost of this crisis is simply incomprehensible. In states such as Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky, countless children are growing up with parents in jail, incapacitated, or underground. Yes, they live in a country with a higher GDP than a generation ago, and they’re undoubtedly able to buy cheaper consumer goods, but to paraphrase Reagan: Are they better off than they were 20 years ago? Many would say, unequivocally, “no.”
Not sure how many here watch Fox News but I think you should give Carlson a listen. He makes some pretty powerful points about Mitt Romney's attack on Pres. Trump and more general points about the Republican party.

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Aug 10, 2012
Reading, Berkshire
Seems like the unionship between white conservatism and late state capitalism is starting to fray with the former group realising that the latter group doesn't really care about them as much as they say they do
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Jan 26, 2009
I don’t agree with tucker. We are better off then other generations because of our new TVs and shiny fridges. Things don’t make you happy and to think they should is silly. The problem I think is we are morally bankrupt and need more family values and communities to come together.
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Apr 21, 2012
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Capitalism works best when it's done on a national level, not global.

Japan has it right. They compete against each other, but they still believe in supporting their own country above all.

In the West, companies sold out their own population to outsource everything to China and illegal immigrants. They have no obligation to care about unemployment or homelessness, they'll find some idiot willing to sneak into the country to work for $1/hour and drive down wages for everyone but the elites.

It's not sustainable, unless we want live in a future where 99% of the population are working for dirt poor wages, and the 1% population rules over everyone.

Also, look at our birthrates. Why are no Western governments trying to support or encourage native citizens to have bigger families? Instead, we're told immigration is going to fix it. Just import people from all over the world to work the $1/hour jobs and drive us all into poverty. But it's all worth it for those shiny smartphones right?

Tucker is right. I'll take happiness over shiny trinkets.
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Jan 13, 2018
The video is like the longest run-on sentence ever. It makes about 75 different claims. I would have to comment on each one individually and comment on whether on not I agree with his claims, and then his strategies or opinions on each claim. For example, I disagree with the claim that no one knew families and economics are interconnected as that's pretty basic sociology at this point. But I agree that both things are issues. And I disagree that the only chance people have of changing that is republicans. I don't think his take on pot is that great. I don't think his take on environmentalism is that great. I like a lot of what he says but this is grouping together so many different things that I had to hit pause about 30x just to think about each section he was throwing in, and I think a lot of it is glossed over too quickly.

Tucker is usually worth watching though and I do like a lot of his stuff.