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Everything looks like crap after playing TLOU2


Jun 3, 2020
TLOU2 is a technical marvel... But yeah, for me there are prettier games out there, like God of War or RDR2.

TLOU2 remembered me of the ps3 era, when everything was grey or brown. (Not all the time yeah, but most of the time).

Btw, does this game turn your console into a jet engine?
Not so much as I was expecting. But yeah, it's not good.

Technically it could well be the most impressive game ever. But I just don't find it that attractive.
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Jun 23, 2020
In photo mode yes.

In gameplay no. My Pro is way too quiet for a game like this. They optimized the fuck out of it. Guess all those delays got put to good use afterall.
Something must be happening to mine, because this and God of War put those fans at max speed.

Other games, like RDR2, does not. Weird.


Apr 10, 2018
Maybe because you live in a different reality in which RDR2 doesn’t exists.
My reality is the one where I played the last of us 2 myself instead of just at looking screenshots or clips on youtube. RDR2 is a work of art and without a doubt the best looking open world game, but tlou2 beats it out visually in my experience. The animation work and physicality of the combat is completely unmatched as well.
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Nov 27, 2018
There is a difference between the sales of a specific title, vs. an active player base (none of those games have that). It's a dumb comment to compare a platform (with 1 bllion software sales) to an individual game. More so when even some of those games you mentioned are sold on said platform. Even if you wanted to make it work, you would have to count PS3 sales, and PS2 sales depending on the title discussed (Runescape or World of Warcraft accounts made for example which cross generations). Even under those circumstances the numbers would be dwarfed. Just dumb all around any way it's spun.
You asked a simple question and I gave you a simple answer. Most of the mentioned titles are F2P to begin with, so I'm not talking about sales, but actual userbase. You seriously don't believe Minecraft, Fortnite, LoL or Roblox don't have ~100MLN (if not more) people playing them on at least monthly basis? There might be a shit-ton of 5-15yo kids who play those games, but that doesn't make the numbers any lower. Or the games being multiplatform.
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Aug 21, 2009
I know the feeling OP! I was planning on getting the Platinum but will wait till PS5 (and upgrade) to do it. I just cant play the game again or any other game! I will try GOT in a few weeks!
ND made an amazing game.
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hemo memo

Sep 13, 2011
I can play both without any issues, this much my personal taste but I like environment designs in Xenoblade more than TLOU2. I mean as impressive as the tech behind TLOU2 is, the environments are basically realistic land scapes, it doesn't match the scale and designs of Xenoblade....for me

Those screenshots aren’t doing the game any favors. The game is beautiful in motion (Not portable tho and not all the time).
Aug 16, 2012
I think some people have some issue admiting something that is quite factual.

You may not like the game, the story, the art style, but no one can deny this is the best looking game out there on a technical standpoint, not even a heavily modded pc game can even come close, and if you think higher resolutions and frame rates are what matters, then you are delusional.

No other game features the same amount of detail, the world building, how fluid animations are and above all the lighting. RDR2 does come close and its equally a masterpiece, but TLOU2 offers a degree of realism never before seen in this media.
Sep 25, 2016
No? Happening with 100% certainty.
Sorry but for a statement like that you need receipts.

Kojima’s team ported the Decima engine for the DS port so the opportunity cost was there to port Horizon as well and make it a bigger franchise to tempt PC players to buy a PS5 to play the sequel when it releases. It’s basically free marketing.

Sony have no interest in putting recent console exclusive on PC. They’ve been talking recently about creating games that you can only play on PS5 going as far as paying for timed and full PS5 exclusives

TLOU II will 100% come to PC... on PS Now.


Jan 17, 2020
Every single 1st party PS exclusive that comes out gets the graphics crown by PS gamers putting them up on pedestals. It was like this the entire previous generation and I don't see that changing going forward with next-gen. Superior hardware (3000-series GPUs, CPUs, and Samsung SSDs) that's not on the newer consoles will be overlooked or explained away since it's not something console gamers can brag about. It's been like a broken record for a long time..

But things will change though. And soon. If rumors are true, TLOU2 will be released on PC and it will be the best iteration of the game. Just like Death Stranding, HZD and other PS exclusives coming to PC.

I suspect threads like these will go by the wayside and the PS fans will resort to having humble attitudes like the Xbox fans when their exclusives will have better versions on more powerful hardware. Be patient..
Do you know other ps exclusives coming to pc in particular from sources like the TLOU2 rumor? Or is that part speculation?


Jun 10, 2020
meh, I was a huge graphics whore since the mind-blowing jump from Atari untextured stick figures to NES cartoony characters and tiled walls. until about holidays 2017 when VR immersion kicked in and graphics just became the world

who could tell after HZD graphics I'd revisit last generation with Skyrim in low-res VR and have such a more amazing time... life is sprinkled with such surprises...


Mar 2, 2020
I agree. Every inch of the game almost feels like it could be a real place. It's crazy the amount of thought and detail they put in it really.
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Nov 22, 2016
RDR 2 maxed out on PC and Metro Exodus maxed out with RTX on are utterly destroying TLOU 2 even if it does indeed look insane. Its certainly the most impressive complete package for a game of that scope, but if we pick the craziest looking thing of that gen I don't think anything will top RDR 2 (including Cyberpunk with RTX on) PC. Its total insanity

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Sep 4, 2018
I think gamers acknowledge that the Last of Us 2 is in the grouping of Crysis, and the Order.
Games that fetishise fidelity and “realism” at the cost of uniqueness and good story?

Seiously it’s getting tiring hearing about this game. So it looks sharp. It doesn’t have an interesting art design. It just looks like the same old trendy prestige tv style. I find other games with less emphasis on realism and more on art design far more interesting.

i have a problem with people calling it “objectively good looking”. Beauty is not dependent on fidelity. People are mistaking technical prowess and slavish naturalism for aesthetics.

The trendy prestige tv look will only go so far. Does anybody recall any character designs from The Order? Nope. Fidelity has to be paired with an artistic vision. Realism isn’t quite that, especially when you can produce it by technical grind.
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Oct 19, 2019
RDR 2 maxed out on PC and Metro Exodus maxed out with RTX on are utterly destroying TLOU 2 even if it does indeed look insane. Its certainly the most impressive complete package for a game of that scope, but if we pick the craziest looking thing of that gen I don't think anything will top RDR 2 (including Cyberpunk with RTX on) PC. Its total insanity

Stop this! No tf it does not!