Evolution 2013 IOT2I Gods Among Losers Final Day - July 14th


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This thread is a slimmed down version of the previous. All focus is to be on games and events of the final day. Archives and such of games already completed will be posted at the bottom of the page.

♦ Official Trailer ☞ Link
♦ Official EVO site ☞ Link

♦ EVO stream link ♦

♦ There will be a subscription model to watch Evolution 2013.
Pay a one time fee of $12 to last the whole duration of the event and gain access to chat, higher quality streaming (720p+ max resolution) with no ads, custom emotes and be able to look at the archives.
All proceeds will go towards an annual EVO college scholarship for gamers.

♦ Custom Emotes you could use with a subscription

♦ If you cannot subscribe, the TS/MCZ/GAF/NRS/IRC/IMO Arturo Sanchez Poverty Chat is a free place you can always go to converse with other viewers. ☞ Link

♦ For the Japanese audiences, EVO and Nico Nico has partnered to stream finals with Japanese commentary.
Hosted by Aaru, broadcasting from the Nico Nico booth at the venue. Will have interviews with both Japanese and foreign players.

☀Final Day Sunday July 14th☀


♦ Below is the full streaming schedule for the final day. *All times are PST*

After two days, these are the games that are left.
Thanks to Eventhubs for keeping track of the results.

♦ General Rules and Regulations can be seen here Link
♦ More rules per basis on each game can be seen here Link
♦ Official pools and brackets for all games can be viewed here Link
♦ Just like last year a smartphone app was created to make your EVO experience a more enjoyable one Link

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of first OT post 1601

Winners bracket
DM|Xian (Gen) vs. HORI|Sako (Ibuki, Evil Ryu)
EG|PR Balrog (Balrog) vs. MCZ|Tokido (Akuma)

Losers bracket

MCZ|Daigo (Ryu) vs. Infiltration (Akuma)
AvM|GamerBee (Adon) vs. Haitani (Makoto)

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of first OT post 1297

Winners bracket

Cloud805 vs. Angelic
EMP|Flocker vs. EG|Justin Wong

Losers bracket

AGE|NYChrisG vs. Ranmasama
ATX|Zak vs. coL|Filipino Champ

♦ Number of pre-registered players as of first OT post 696

Winners bracket

Wobbles (Ice Climbers)
CT|Hungrybox (Jigglypuff)
VGBC|Dr.PeePee (Falco)

Losers bracket

Shroomed (Dr. Mario)
Mango (Fox, Falco)
Ice (Sheik)
Armada (Peach)

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of first OT post 580

Winners bracket

EGP|MFSlayer (Superman)
EMP|KDZ (Superman)
Crazy DJT 88 (Green Lantern)
AGE|NYChrisG (Green Arrow, Black Adam)

Losers bracket

EMP|REO (Batman)
EMPR_Theo (Superman)
EG|PR Balrog (Killer Frost)
RDK|Godspeed (Black Adam)

♦ GAF OT Link
♦ Number of pre-registered players as of first OT post 433

Winners bracket

CafeID|Verna vs. Hee San Woo
MCZ|Tokido vs. CafeID|MadKOF

Losers bracket

AGE|Romance vs. AS|Reynald
Fox vs. DM|Xian

♦ It is not a fighting game tournament unless MadCatz sponsors and has promotions going on for the event. Well this is the biggest tournament of the year and with the
biggest tournament of the year comes the biggest deals of the year. Everything you need to know is below.

♡ To the founders of SRK and the main trio behind the Evolution fighting game series, Tom and Tony Cannon and Mr.Wizard aka Joey Cuellar.

♡ To the people who were part of the Road to EVO series, having and running majors leading up to this point. This includes Terry Kineda, Adam "Keits" Heart, Alex *Top player* Jebailey, Big E, Alex Valle
as well as numerous people running International Road to EVO events. And of course to all the people who contribute to the SRK site itself, especially our very own USD.

♡ To all the sponsors supporting this niche but ever growing community, namely Mad Catz and their undying dedication to the community as well as Focus Attack, Arcade shock, Avermedia,
Broken Tier and whatever sponsors that has helped in their own way.

♡ To all the players and people by attending these various tournaments and events to help expand the community further.

♡ To all the stream monsters who helped maximized CPM for those washed up Dhalsim players and various other streams. :p

♡ To Fighting GAF for talking more about theory fighting than actually playing the games and helping to make the weekly GAF threads one of the most active on GAF. A special mention to those who
contributed to the thread. You all know who you are.

Thanks to Dryeye for keeping track of this.


Persona 4A pools/semis

Persona 4A finals

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 pools/semis

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 finals

Super Street Fighter 4 Æ pools


Super Street Fighter 4 Æ semis winners bracket

Super Street Fighter 4 Æ losers bracket

Super Smash Bros Melee pools

Mortal Kombat 9 pools/semis

Mortal Kombat 9 finals


Injustice pools

Injustice quarter/semis

Super Smash Bros Melee quarter/semi finals

King of Fighters XIII pools

King of Fighters XIII pools quarter/semis

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 pools

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 quarter/semis

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 losers bracket for Top 8

Street Fighter X Tekken Finals

Skullgirls Top 8

Divekick Top 8
Looks like a great character mix up for the smash finals, I was expecting mostly fox and sheik but shroomed amazing dr.mario is in there, ice climbers and jigglypuff will mix things up.

Will most likely catch all the finals for all the games unless I get dragged away from my computer, long night tonight.
4Gamer.net interviews 4 Japanese AE finalists.


Q. Who do you think is championship favorite.
A. I think Xian or Sako, Xian has been doing great recently and looks solid. Sako can use various characters that suit for the match-up.

Q. What about yourself?
A. I have pretty good chance of being 3rd or higher. But not sure how high it will be.


Q. Who do you think is championship favorite?
A. My prediction always fail. Well, we have four Japanese in best 8 this year, I hope one of us will be 1st.
If have to pick one, it would be Tokido. He's in good momentum by defeating Daigo. So, yes, my bet goes to Tokido.

Q. What about yourself?
A. I, myself, don't have enough confidence.
Q. Why?
A. I've been doing great in recent tourneys, it's just too lucky. So If I also win this time, I have to worry about my plane back to Japan. (So, it means, you're really in good condition right?) Somehow, yeah.


Q. Who do you think is championship favorite?
A. Hmm, I can't pick specific player. I mean every player has a good chance.
They say finals will start as 3/5, so even you're in losers bracket, you still have pretty good chance to win whole tournament. Still, players in winners bracket has reasonable advantages. If I have to pick one, it would be Sako or Tokido... who are in winners again? (Sako, Xian, Tokido, PR.Rog) Ah, Rog... He's really strong as well. Hmmm, I say Sako still has a highest possibility. (Why?) He don't rely one character and can counterpick. But only slight margin, within several percent.

Q. What about yourself?
A. I thought my chance is slim on 2/3, so changing it to 3/5 motivate me a lot.
Now, I think I have a decent chance being on GF, but winning GF is a different story.
Well, Sako, Xian, Tokido, Rog? I can't say I will win, but I have a good chance for sure.
But bracket-wise, I can say it would be difficult for Gamerbee, since he can't defeat Sako. Not zero chance but so difficult for him.
Haitani? He has a chance to defeat Sako, right?
If I pick from losers, it would be me or Infiltration, but one will be eliminated in first round.
Anyways, this year's top 8 are such a impressive lineup. Anything can happen.


Q. Who do you think is championship favorite?
A. It's me.

Q. Oh you have a confidence? Why?
A. Lol, I didn't expect you ask me why. Well, I believe that's the way how finalist should think.

Q. Okay. I wish you best luck. Thanks for your time.
A. Thank you.
Posting this here too from the other thread:

Hungrybox (Jigglypuff Smash top player) actually spoke to Chris G on this stream last night at around 8 hours and 16 minutes (so basically at the way end).

If you wanna hear how Chris G was convinced to play Marvel and also how he feels after playing it, have a look.
And if you missed Smash yesterday and want to see how Armada got into Loser's, here's the match. Insanely hype because Dr. PeePee's Falco way back at Apex 2013 got wrecked by Armada; now the reverse happened.
omfg @ that taunt in the middle of a combo by denial danke against infrit in game 3. what fucking swag. I had to pause the stream so I can post this, lol if he loses this game after that.
Hoping for:

Haitani > Sako > Daigo

To take SF4. Not really feeling the other games right now and still haven't caught any melee play. Will hopefully warm into them when I wake up.
Players competing in 2 finals today:

ChrisG: Marvel, Injustice
PR Rog: AE, Injustice
Tokido: AE, KOF
Xian: AE, KOF

Am I missing any?
DJT Won MK9 and he's in Top 8 Injustice Winners Bracket as Green Lantern today. Not exactly what you're asking but for what its worth he's in there heavy at EVO.