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Exclusive Invitation for an Xbox One Alpha Trial [Titanfall]



It's official, Respawn will be doing a limited Alpha test for Titanfall. Here is a post from Abbie on Respawns official forum:

Hey everyone,

I know there is a lot of confusion over this right now. We ARE NOT running a beta at the moment. We're doing some very limited technical testing (Alpha. If you have not been invited via email and signed a very comprehensive NDA, you cannot access it. I cannot get you in. Don't be upset, most people are not going to be playing in this and the ones that are can't talk about it, stream, post video, etc. We understand the desire for a Beta and we have not ruled it out but I don't have any news on it for you currently. Thank you for your understanding!



Update 2: It might not be a scam afterall. The email that sent the the invite was from: EA@em.ea (full extension <support-b6jjyk3bgwmbfsau12386qs9882vmv@em.ea.com). This email has been used in the past by EA for betas.

Also, the email links to the official Titanfall site:



Talked to customer support at EA:

1st EDIT: When I first made this thread, it was believed to be a scam (see posts below on Page 1).

Here is what the email says:


Congratulations, you have been selected to take part in an exclusive trial for an upcoming EA title on Microsoft's Xbox One. If you are interested in participating, please click the Register button below and follow the required steps.

REGISTER NOW as availability to this trial is extremely limited.

Thank You.

This is what happens when you click the link from the email, log in to Origin and sign up:



So I got this email 20 min ago saying:

Note: the email didn't mention Titanfall until I clicked the button and was taken to the page.

I clicked it, and it took me to Titanfall's website and said I've been chosen to participate in the alpha build. Did anyone else get this?

Might be fake. I would check with Titanfall on twitter.
Didn't Vince Zampella say during the VGX awards that there would be no beta??? So why would there be an alpha for a game that releases in a few months?
Ea - "Congratulations you have been selected, please register and if selected... again you will be given a code."

Have many phases of selection can one alpha have?


Cool thanks for the heads up guys. Thank god I didn't click it. My buddy got one too and clicked it. I'm telling him to change all his passwords now.


Damn is it a scam? Email is from:


It's still under the EA domain, I have no clue why others have been screaming scam. It is a legitimate EA domain email address, whether or not the email address exists is another question.
I dont think this is a scam - it takes you to the Titanfall official website. I signed up for it there with my origin account.

Heres a pic..


How could this be fake if its from their official website?

Yeah I'm wondering the same thing. When I went to the website it already had me logged into my Origin account from when I was using the BF4 website and said that I qualify. When you accept the NDA and continue it just says your application was accepted.

I mean, it's definitely not a phishing scam because it didn't ask for any information at all.
Just got back from the bars and in my drunkin excitement I didn't bother to be careful. Thank you, Op! Changed password and email after reading the thread.


I don't think this is a scam. It's the official site, it uses Origin to login, and it has a pretty official looking EULA.

And yeah, they haven't announced any beta information yet so why would they say otherwise on Twitter?

I'm going to change my Origin password now just to be safe, but I don't think it's fake.
Friend of mine accepted it and submitted the application and it took him to the actual TF website. Didn't ask for any information. Not sure what kind of scam it would be.
On mobile, but I searched my inbox for the Titan fall email and the same address has sent me maaaaany emails over the last two weeks. All for different things..?
Will update when I have access to my Mac.
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