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Entertaining comic book villain plus birth year. Yeah, I know the birth year thing is lazy, but when you're 12 and thinking up an email address you don't think of it like that.
Pretty boring origin.

it's the name of a chemical processing plant for oil refineries. i worked at one as a co-op student and the name kinda seemed funny/ weird to me.

the nice thing about it is that it's never used by anyone else so I have consistent user names and don't need to add digits to the end of it for some services.
Pancho...well me and my friend used to name our characters with extremely common sounding names like Bob, so it would sound weird if some guy named Bob saved the world. One day we used Pancho instead and it sorta stuck, now I use it almost everywhere.
When I was twelve I really into making graphic art... or to be more specific, forum signatures. Over time, when I was around fifteen, I got good. I joined the big ass forums and wrote tutorials for others and all that stuff, and so felt I needed a nickname that was artsy. For some reason I chose "P-Arts". I'm still not sure what P stands for. Eventually I decided I just wanted to shorten it, and my stuff had become more focused on small bits of abstract fractals, which were named by the community I was in as individual bits of one whole "part" (since there was one massive render we all frequently used... a REALLY massive render.)

And, hey presto. I thought it fit. Still like it. :D
Lets see . . . I'm black and I live in Chicago?

LMAO, I think the real explanation would be that I made a story with the title "Black/ Light" (it was a reference to "Black taxes". NOT the race thing but the thought that the government list some amount of their spending on top secret stuff that they don't tell us about) a long time ago and by the time I came here I really started liking the Wind element.
jride was my nickname growing up. When I got my PS3 some other dude had already taken jride as his PSN, so I just added LL at the beginning and made it all lowercase. Pretty much been using lljride online ever since.


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Kilgore Trout said:
What is this?!? Why have I not seen you before?

yeah, i told KilgoreTrout about your existence.
Pretty kickass.... hope there isnt a F ersis here!

SuperÑ said:
Super, because Mega was taken.

Ñ, because im from Spain.
La Ñ es demasiado genial para poder ser soportada por el idioma ingles.
Los ingleses no pueden decir Ñandu! :lol
After one boring french lesson, I decided to study some vocabulary. One way or another, I was studying words beginning with D, and there it was, drame. Which means drama in french.

Not that I study french anymore, but I like the sound of it, so I just kept using it.
OgTheClever said:
Heard it on QI years ago as the (joke) answer to who invented the wheel or fire or something. This was at a time when I was trying to find a username to use generally online, without it containing a load of random letters and numbers.

So far I'm happy with it as being a lighthearted name which kind of takes the piss out of itself, it works well in online games especially in this regards. Also because it can be abbreviated to just 'Og' it can said quickly and easily by others in more intense online gameplay.
Yeah, works well.

Mudifea said:
my last name :D
Kafarabo said:
You two have interesting names :D

Okay, mine is easy. Was heavily into Japanese and Chinese myth and I ended up with it. The Fox is also one of my favourite animals. The Spirit comes from the Japanese Fox Ghosts but it ended up being Spirit.
I like it so far, even with the tag.


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When I was younger, my brother used to call me crazy.

For us, crazy people were schizophrenic.

But we're both young, so it's more like "skinclephrenic".

This eventually somehow changed to Skittleguy.
I picked the name of the droid that Owen Lars originally bought before it blew up allowing him to buy R2D2. After signing up for NeoGAF over a year before I was approved (cause that's how they roll here) I found out that the droid was an R5D4. So I was wrong. Can't change it now.
I'm a huge Mad Men fan, so I decided to name myself after Bert Cooper, one of the
partners in the Sterling Cooper advertising firm. He's a rather eccentric old man with a love of art and a great dislike of wearing shoes. He's played by Robert Morse, a film and theater legend.

That's him in my avatar, BTW. I'm in the process of making a Bert Cooper GIF for my avatar, but I'm having a hard time finding the exact scene I want to use.
I guess it used to be the name of a surf comic character. My brother, father, my brother's friend and father and I used to go surf all the time. The fathers named us kids. Wingnut, Fendrputty and something else I don't remember all that well. I got fenderputty since I also worked on cars.

First nick I used online when I was really young. I still have it. Oddly enough, when I first started messing around on the internet, I was only able to spell the name "fenderputy" because AOL didn't give us more characters to work with. :lol
In anticipation of playing GTA4 online and needing a nickname, I decided to gangster-fy my name (Dylan Barber), and the result was Dylano Barberetti. I didn't get round to playing GTA4, but I decided to use the name for other things/games anyway.


i've been begging for over 5 years.
Fersis said:
They call me Ferris very often. :lol
Ever since I've been lurking back in 08 I have always read your name as Ferris.. doh
Glad to see the Ted Price avatar is back. It was weird when you changed it. :D
andycapps said:
Got this nickname from a roommate. Comes from Andy Capps Cheese Fries. Good stuff!

You do know Andy Capp, the guy pictured on the bag, is quite a famous comic strip character?

As for me, it's a shortened version of a nickname my friend's brother gave me.


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RbBrdMan said:
Ever since I've been lurking back in 08 I have always read your name as Ferris.. doh
Glad to see the Ted Price avatar is back. It was weird when you changed it. :D
Yup, i felt naked @____@
About 11 years ago someone let me know about this game Liero.
Well, it's pretty much real-time Worms, and Crocodile Dundee kinda 'wrangled' crocodiles, and you fought...worms...so yeah! It doesn't make much sense, but there you go. I've been using the name for a little bit over half my life now, so I'll see how long I can keep it going.

Also, it's completely unique so you can see all the retarded stuff I've said on the internet just by googling it.

This isn't a username I normally frequent, as I prefer nowadays to either stick with a variation of my username from my former GameFAQs days, or a variationn of my main's name back when I played World of Warcraft. But, the closet Henshin Hero fan in me couldn't resist.
I've been using the username kintaro (from Mortal Kombat) since the XBAND day, but it was taken so I combined it with my greatest love of all. King Taco.


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It started out as MedRocket, then It turned into SurgeonRocket

At the time, I wanted to be a surgeon, so yeah. Rocket just happened to sound cool and make the name very similar to a song in my favorite game.
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