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F1 22 virtual reality support will be exclusive to PC, no plan for PSVR and PSVR2 (at this time)


Yet another reason why Sony should support PC with PSVR2, if PSVR2 gets PC support, a lot more games (and gamers) would support it.


I put the blame on Sony for asking for exclusivity in the first place.

By the time the year ended it probably wasn’t worth them going back and spending resources updating games that were now much cheaper.
That didn't stop Capcom from updating the PC versions, yet they again didn't include VR for any of them and breaking VR mods as a bonus. That's how much they care about VR.

Without Sony those VR modes wouldn't have been made in the first place. Same thing with RE4 VR Edition on Quest 2 (And Capcom didn't even work on that one). Big companies won't bother with VR unless someone else moneyhats them. And it's sadly seemingly happening again with PSVR2.
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