FaceApp apparently now has race filters. I never got the humor in these.

Lol, this seems like it could be fun. I don't see the harm in making anybody any race. Fascinated that facial recognition and AR has come this far though
I think any humor that's to be mined from this comes from curiosity at seeing how one may look as another ethnicity and not at humor from "lol that ethnicity looks funny."

The pic posted in the OP is fascinating to me and I find it genuinely impressive how technology found in casual apps like these can produce fairly natural looking results. On the most basic level, it's no different from utilizing the filters that make you look younger, older, or a different sex.

It's an interesting curiosity precisely because it's modifying a visage you've known and seen in its "normal" state.

People can obviously take these images and use them for poor reasons, but I think the technology at play is super fascinating.
Yeah. It's not something I'd personally go about and share on social media, but I did give it a go because it is... fascinating.
Why? Not that I expect a legitimate answer despite being genuinely curious.

This does kinda fit that whole narrative of people wanting to be another race without wanting to be another race.

Or you could download it and give it a go, maybe the Indian you will be sexy or the white you goofy.

Who knows. It's free*

(Except the cost of your pics going into skynet forever)
This reminds me of a factual TV programme here in the UK from a few years ago. A black guy and a white guy were made up to look white and black retrospectively. (I think it might have based on an American book from the 1950s.)

They then went about their daily lives to see if their 'race' affected how they were treated or how they viewed the world.

The black guy, who was pretending to be white, ended up at a far right march. I think he said he ended up feeling sorry for the people there.

The white guy, pretending to black, went to a dinner party where everyone else was actually black. Even though the guests knew this, I think one asked him what part of Africa his family were from and he had to remind her he was white.

Ah, I've found a video of the series. It's from 2002.

Don't see the problem. Everyone can use the app. Its not some exclusive app for white people. I think its neat that technology can do such things with pretty good results.
From my European point of view, the concept of race is something that the US should strife to abolish in favor of the concept of ethnicity. Anything that helps normalize the idea that people are inherently different from one another and that a distinction based on skintone is all that is needed because no other differences in genetic make-up exist even among people that share the same color, is not a good thing to exist either.
I for one am glad that I can now do blackface whenever and wherever I want. We are truly advancing as a society, finding new ways to transcend race every day.
Very cool tech, just like the young/old stuff.

And no, it's not racist. Come the fuck on. I'm sure people can come up with racist ways to use it, but that's different.
Id say people like it more as a novelty thing more than anything. It's neat to see how you might look as a different race/ethnicity. The human mind adores novelty.


semen stains the mountaintops
I did it to a picture of Obama and he kinda looks like a mix of Bush and Obama.

I turned myself white and it just made me look like a White Walker.
I...disagree on that.
So when people were doing it for female/male, old or young, it was because they thought those also looked funny?
I don't use FaceApp. I don't even know what it is, but apparently this is new and I think I'm kinda spent. A thread on FB popped up with people posting how the app took their pics and made them Black, Asian, and what have you.

Relevant article: https://www.engadget.com/2017/08/09/faceapp-changes-race-selfie-editing-filters/

Take my pic and make me white because it's obviously funny if old.
I'm actually surprised at that Asian face. It succeeds without being comical with super small eyes or anything. Must be the double eyelid
I don't know how you can not understand the humor, OP.

Knock, knock, knock.

Who's there?

Knock, knock, knock.
I'm lost. If it was making folks look jacked up like the Trump one, I'd get it.

Maybe I don't see the humor in wanting to see how I'd look like as a different race. I can see the curiosity, but that's a separate thing.
I don't think its meant to be humorous or funny, unless with cases like the Trump pic where it completely botches it up. Just cool and interesting tech.
I can appreciate the tech from a curiosity point of view. I don't think there's anything inherently racist about wondering what I might look like were I a different race.

But of course a lot of people will just use the app to be dicks or poke fun at other races, and let's be honest, most of those people will be whites.