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Fake news and media bias harms liberals too. Bernie Sanders abandons video creator after smear campaign.


Mar 6, 2018

The first 11 minutes or so of this video does a good job of explaining the issue. Here's the video itself that earned the creator a brief position on Bernie's campaign, before news stations reported on the video creator's social media past and smeared him with misrepresentations:

The media reported on videos that were specifically crated to show how easily the media can manipulate facts, and when doing so the media manipulated the facts that they were reporting. That's sounds like a comedy skit, doesn't it?

It's a genuine shame that Bernie caved on this so quickly, but the alternative would be to speak out against the media, and that would likely do even more harm to his campaign.

"Somebody did or said this, that is an objective truth, this is what critics think about it, this is what supporters think about it. Here's a couple of people representing both of those sides to make their argument." That's news, and it seems to be in very short supply these days.
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