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Falcom announces Sen no Kiseki sequel (PS3/Vita), new major title, and social games


Mar 10, 2011
So, uh... is that a guy or a girl?
I... can't believe you'd ask that. That's Fi and she's awesome. Not as awesome as Laura but still awesome.

I'm still playing through the first Sen no Kiseki but I'm looking forward to this <3

The battle system is great, the music is astounding and the story so far has been awesome. I'm glad I'm getting more of this <3
Nov 12, 2012
The problem (for me, at least) is that even when I have sufficient Japanese literacy to play the games, RPGs are so text-heavy and I'm not at the level where I'm super comfortable with the language that it's not somewhat taxing to read them.

Playing Kiseki games untranslated is tiring. I wish Japanese games would make my life easier by at least giving me romaji options. :/

By then, I'll be wearing OCR-enable glasses that translate Japanese text on-screen anyway. :p

I feel exactly the same way. I am proficient in Japanese but I find the sheer amount of the text in the LoH games make them tough slogs. Im still sitting on my unopened copies of Ao and Sen because i found going through SC, 3rd and Zero in Japanese was incredibly taxing. But until XSeed expands or another publisher with a larger localization team acquires the rights, its the only way to enjoy the whole series. Ao and Sen likely will be my winter doldrums games once I exhaust all the PS4 and XB1 games I bought.


Junior Member
Aug 22, 2012
That's a very weird thing to get annoyed about. First off, if you don't like or own a platform you have a right to be upset when a game you want is coming to them but not you. Second, I wasn't even talking about that. I was talking about how its own PS3 but its not coming to us on that because by the time they're done with 3rd Chapter and the two Vita games, even if they did one every year (unlikely) it'd be...2016? At best? Then they could get to the PS3 ones for a timely 2017 release. :p

So basically they're pretty much confined to Vita (if it lives that long) and PC, which is fine since I'm using a PC to speak to you so that means I DO have one.
Since XSEED is releasing SC on PSP next year I don't think you should rule anything out.

I hope that other "big" game isn't related to LoH at all so it actually has a chance of getting localized sometime in the next century.
Dec 1, 2004
South Carolina
The last two artworks are exquisite, especially the sephirot-looking one.

Yeah, it's going to take a sales surge via PC I think to keep justifying it, and it's going to be a potentially awkward situation for Ao/Zero depending on how things go. Still, SC's THE monster, and if Sen and its sequel have way less text than prior installments then we'll be in a good position if 3rd-Ao get translated, doubly so if they actually take a break for awhile or something.

Really though, if the games had way less text (or were guaranteed huge sellers being brought over by someone with deep enough pockets to brute force it without it being TOO bad) we'd have probably seen them years ago when they initially hit PSP. Nayuta no Kiseki for example was probably screwed over more by its platform and release timing whereas if it were a Vita or 3DS game I wouldn't be surprised if XSEED would've announced it by now.
And I'm going to shill the FUCK out of them as they arrive, mark my words.

Fie's outfit is shameless and boo to having Millium as a permanent party member. Oh well.
It's sadly becoming a motif lately, yes.

Well, Falcom leaving PC was better for localization odds, though it figures they leave right as Steam takes off.
That and their physical distributer dropped them; was a tragedy it was.


Sep 24, 2013
An Update on the LoH Front (I hope it hasn't been posted yet). When asked about the prospects of XSEED localizing the 3rd Chapter of TitS, Tom the XSEED forum admin replied:

Much too early to be asking this question, and... it's kind of a weird question to ask, really. Publishers don't typically just pick up a whole series, then drop it later. No, each game is licensed individually, and VERY RARELY will you ever see a sequel get licensed while the previous game is still being worked on.

The real question you should be asking is, will we localize 3rd? Maybe skip ahead to Sen, since so many fans have been asking about that? Maybe both? Maybe neither?

And in answer to all of those questions, only time will tell. If we release SC and it's a total flop, even on Steam, then... yeah, there's a good chance SC will be the last Trails title we release. If it's even a mild success, though (which I think is almost a given!), I can't see us stopping there.

Basically, as long as there exists interest in the series, we'll continue to pursue titles within it. But probably only one at a time, so until SC is released (or at least READY for release!), we're not going to be able to say much more.

Some Nobody

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Aug 8, 2013
Since XSEED is releasing SC on PSP next year I don't think you should rule anything out.

I hope that other "big" game isn't related to LoH at all so it actually has a chance of getting localized sometime in the next century.
Thought it was being released on Vita and PC?


Sep 29, 2007
Just now learning of this. Nice.

No sign of Zero and Ao for PS3 (yet) though... I might have to finally get around to buying a Vita.