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Fallout 4 Free on Xbox Live Store


Just noticed that Fallout 4 is going for $0.00 on Xbox Marketplace.

Lock thread in a Vault if old.

EDIT: If you're getting an error page, try loading the page again in a private tab. For some reason that works for me, can't explain why.

Deluxe/Season Pass and all DLC are going for nothing as well.

EDIT 2: Looks like the deal is gone now. Game is either "Unavailable" or "Bundle Only". Conflicting reports from Xbox Support saying it's part of an E3 deal. If it goes back up I'll update this posting again.


Don't they revoke these anyways? I remember them doing that with a previous price mistake.

Though you've got nothing to lose I suppose.


Cool. I already have the deluxe edition but if I can skip changing discs I'll be a happy man. I fully expect to lose the license though.


Got a copy for myself to test if it works.

I literally have no idea if it contains the DLC either.

EDIT: Nevermind! The Deluxe is going for free too.


my hard graphic balls
I already have a digital version and its season pass. Hopefully they won't revoke it for you guys, the honored their Game of Thrones Full Season $5 misprice.
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