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Trailer Fallout 76: Steel Dawn – “Rahmani Shin and Valdez” Reveal Trailer


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman
Dec 1, 2014

Steel Dawn is the first chapter in the new Brotherhood of Steel questline, free for Fallout 76 players. Paladin Leila Rahmani and her troops have arrived from California to establish a new Appalachian chapter. Work with or against the other Factions to achieve success. Visit settlements populated with new NPCs and unlock powerful weapons and armor from the Brotherhood arsenal. Join in their mission to rebuild society and aid in securing valuable technology – but only you can determine how it will be used. Coming December 1, 2020.
The Steel Dawn update includes:

• New Questline - Determine how you will aid The Brotherhood of Steel NPCs in the first chapter of their new all-new story, available December 1.
• New Locations and Gear - Unlock unique weapons and armor from Steel Dawn and explore new locations newly populated with members of The Brotherhood and other factions.
• C.A.M.P. Shelters - Build and decorate in new underground, instanced spaces separate from your main C.A.M.P. Complete a new quest and get your first Shelter free starting December 1.
• Lite Allies - Recruit two new allies as you rank up during Season 3, who offer bonuses exclusively from your C.A.M.P.
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Mar 8, 2018
I played this again during the recent free weekend, put in a solid 30 hours and I thought what was there was decent enough. Some improvements have clearly been made.

After that I decided to go back and play Fallout 4 and it made me realise that Fallout 4 is a vastly more inspired, fun and overall just a superior game, and that is on PS4 with no mods installed.
Fallout 76 has game mechanics such as scraping which entire purpose is to frustrate you into buying an absurdly overpriced subscription. For that reason alone I would not bother going back.
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Jan 23, 2017
Sony again promoting a PS4 video at 60fps when the PS4 is struggling to run at 30fps. They are careful with language such as "up to 60fps" "dynamic 4k" but their channel is promoting false advertising of third party games every weeks
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Jun 13, 2013
Fallout 76 is available on Gamepass. Is it worth jumping into if I really like Fallout 3, but was lukewarm on Fallout 4?


Aug 3, 2010
a cave outside of Whoville.
Has the game been patched, or will it be patched, so that the PS5 can run it at 60fps? The performance makes it really unplayable on PS4 unless you have no standards whatsoever.
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Sep 13, 2007
Brooklyn, NY
Too lazy to make a new thread and I doubt most people on GAF care anyways, but they're releasing Steel Dawn today, ahead of schedule due to an error on Xbox lol

Earlier today, there was an error that caused players in our Xbox community to download the Steel Dawn Update ahead of schedule, but prevented them from actually playing. We immediately investigated ways to get our Xbox players back in-game as soon as possible, but, through our discussions, the entire BGS team felt confident that Steel Dawn is ready to go.

As a result, instead of rolling back the update and making everyone wait another week, we’ve decided to release the Steel Dawn Update on all platforms today, November 24.
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