Famitsu #986, reviews and news

Reviews first, purely since they're quickest to translate. Week of angry reviewers.

Cooking Mama 2 8587 = 28
Dungeon Explorer (DS) 7577 = 26
Game Center CX 8889 = 33
Hamekomi Lucky Puzzle DS 6777 = 27
Won't Forgive You 8788 = 31
* Supposed to play with the system upright, which felt right (What? This has gotta be me misreading something)
* Even with the main part just being reading through, it feels good getting to the core of the story
* Even if you reach a bad end, you can try again from the previous situation; this removes stress and makes it feel more like a book
* "Warning System" rejuires many small decisions, takes some getting used to
* It's too bad a one-handed play mode wasn't added
* The story's feel is well influenced by the female protagonist, and it remains original
* Stressless gameplay is abnormally relaxing
Dungeon Explorer (PSP) 7767 = 27
Money Dice Kabukoro 3543 = 15
Hayarigami 2 7887 = 30
Votoms 7776 = 27
* Being able to fight and scout on foot is fun.
* AT piloting feels "right"
* AT motion feels right for a game, not necessarily for "realism"
* Good amount of pilotable ATs
* Sticking to plot keeps the enemy too weak
* Too easy on foot, and weapon ranges are too short
* ATs move around lightly, but can be knocked down and have hard time getting back up
* Stages become monotonous
* Music and database are nice fanservice
Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles 8888 = 32
* Difficult; even in easy, simple wandering enemies almost rise to the "miniboss" level
* Multiplay is kinda fun
* Most difficult bosses in a while
* Lots of weapons, and it's fun just to blow things up
* Zombie shuffling increases headshot difficulty
* Pattern-learning helps to aim for weak spots
* Practicing has a nice feeling of payoff
Heavenly Sword 7788 = 30
Family Stadium DS 7767 = 27

News because Amirox apparently tore himself away from SMG to complain
High-speed Card Battle "Card Hero" (Nintendo/DS/December)
* "Speed Battle" seperates both your and the opponent's play areas into "front" and "back", for a total of four fields
* Familiar card shop "Roundbeard's" appears
* Over 100 cards
* Supports DS Wireless and WFC for play and trade
* Includes expert battles
With the addition of "speed battle", fields become wider and more monsters can appear. Is the character in the bmiddle of the field the player? (Making it like the GB version where the player occupies the center of the front field, with monsters in the back)


:lol :lol :lol :lol

Populous DS (EA/DS/2008-02-21)
* Challenge, Free Play, VS, Gallery modes
* Both touch and pad controls.
* Includes movies for some of the more flamboyant miracles you can trigger
* Includes many popular old map types (Jidaigeki, Persian)

Final Approach 2 (Princess Soft/PS2/2008-02-28)
* Set in previous game's "Western Plains" region, with many familar faces and settings.
* Characters: galgame names make my head hurt, the info's out there but unless someone says they care I'm not bothering.

Shiren the Wanderer 3 (Sega/Wii/2008)
* Ofuda appear for the first time in the series, as an item you can stick to enemies to inflict various status like "sleep"
* This time, the player leads a party, selectable from among Shiren's comrades
* They saw pictures of new weapons, but not names and effects; still, look for Japanese glaives, folded paper fans, poison needles, chainsaws.

Dates which we mostly already knew
12/20&#12288;SIMPLE DS Vol.30 THE Table Game <D3>
Winter&#12288;Indian Math Drill DS (provisional) <Mega House>
2/14&#12288;Tokimeki Memorial Girl's Side 2nd Season <Konami>
2/21&#12288;Populus DS <EA>
Spring&#12288;Crayon Shin-chan Cinemaland that Calls Forth the Storm <Banpresto>

2/14&#12288;Medal of Honor Heroes 2 <EA>
March&#12288;Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG <Capcom>

12/27&#12288;Pachislot Mobile Suit Gundam II ~Soldiers of Sorrow~ <Bandai Namco>
2/14&#12288;Medal of Honor Heroes 2 <EA>
2/14&#12288;WWE2008 SmackDown vs Raw <THQ>

2/14&#12288;WWE2008 SmackDown vs Raw <THQ>
2008&#12288;Metal Gear Lolid 4 <Konami>

12/27&#12288;Gundam Musou International <Bandai Namco>
2/14&#12288;WWE2008 SmackDown vs Raw <THQ>

<Canceled Soft>
Sorry, none this week

Next Week
Winter Lineup Roundup
Scoops on White Knight Stories, Prof. Layton
Dynasty Warriors 6 strategy
DQIV feature
IronicallyTwisted said:
Aren't these guys renown for their hyperbolic reviews? If so, RE: UC is looking to be somewhat meager.
no they're known for being infinitely shitty

only thing that matters, is the news

and this thread has no news, despite the liar lie topic title.
Amir0x said:
no they're known for being infinitely shitty

only thing that matters, is the news

and this thread has no news, despite the liar lie topic title.
Come on but the great Famitsu surveys that never make any sense to actual sales!
so question about famitsu.

Is it like old school EGM where 4 reviewers out of a pool of about a dozen are pulled to review a game? Or is it just the same 4 guys? Do they show there own personal preference if you follow the magazine so you know who's review you'd trust a bit more? How does it work?
Should it be next week, or the week after that we'll see their DQIV review?

I know, Famitsu reviews, just curious. The game is insta-buy regardless.
jiji said:


It's an adventure game where you play a private investigator whose husband has left her. It's got an interesting style, though I'm not sure if Uematsu's music on the Famitsu site fits my image of what a game like that would be like. It's a little too sappy. Nice to see the good score, but I'm doubting it'll come here.

It sounds pretty damned cool, and I like the character designs for it. Hopefully it piques some interest, maybe with someone like Xseed.
Wait a minute, am I reading that right? Nippon Ichi with a new game on DS?

<Insert joke about the graphics finally fitting the system>
Famitsu generally likes the Biohazard series. A 32 for UC means they definitely don't like it as much as the rest of the series, which tends to score 36-39 otherwise.
cvxfreak said:
Famitsu generally likes the Biohazard series. A 32 for UC means they definitely don't like it as much as the rest of the series, which tends to score 36-39 otherwise.
This is one game where I really don't give a shit about what anyone else has to say.
Amir0x said:
she sang the end theme to Neon Genesis?

heh... heh. Now I'm curious what the heck N1 is cooking up here :lol
A fan had her sing a cover of it, yes.

Hatsune Miku is a plugin for Yamaha's vocal synthesis program Vocaloid - and she's also an extra-marketable character. She's super-popular among Japanese nerds. Her marketing machine is just getting started.
Amir0x said:
yeah the game is gonna suck anyway so it's better not to care i agree
This is a case of me knowing enough about the game already so that I'm sure I'll love it.

Objectively it might not be great, but I doubt that it's going to "suck". But like I said, it's all moot. I'm going to play it and I'm going to love it.


cvxfreak said:
Even me?

That hurts my feelings dude. :(
Yeah you too! Don't worry though, it looks like we're going to be the only two there on day one so we'll have to get used to each other.