Famitsu thread this week (reviews first)


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LiquidMetal14 said:
The way it was stated it made it seem like it would be seperate discs. Although Blu-Ray can allow it to be in the same disc.
"No mention of price yet, though."

that's why i asked, seems to me like a special edition although like you said, BD can handle it.


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Pureauthor said:
Good idea. Let's get the mediocre game out of the way first before we turn to discussing stuff that actually matters.
:lol :lol

You're commenting on MGS plotholes and you said you were up for more Organization XIII before?

Jonnyram said:
more 360 dates:
11/29 Assassin's Creed
12/13 Smash Court Tennis 3
Dec Flat Out Ultimate Carnage

Also there is a rumour of a PS3-saving megaton coming tomorrow.
A third party game with development funded totally by SCE.
If the rumour is legit, he also mentions WKS will come out on Jan 31 for 8990 yen.
Isn't that a tad pricey, or is Level5 getting SE treatment now and I hadn't noticed?
Maybe MGO pack-in is the MGS4 "surprise" that they were going to announce at 3:45-4:00 (Japan time) at TGS; according to the TGS special edition Hide-chan radio on Kojima's blog.

Also, for people attending TGS. Konami will be distributing special 52-page MGS4 pamphlets to attendees of TGS. Also, they will be giving away 5-different limited-edition MGS4 foldable fans to people who play the demo.



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Chromax said:
Still no keynote thread? ...is it really in 3 hours and 30 mins? o.o
No, Sony is having some sort of conference tonight, they keynote is the next day. The conference tonight may well be embargoed.


Costs nothing to make, and it was probably in development before they realized this stuff doesn't sell. But then again it will probably still be profitable.

They should have made it more RPG-like tho:lol
Halo 3 bomb.
Jokes aside, there is a big advertisement for the game so of course it was expected.
New dates:
Call of Duty 4 - Winter 2007 (PS3 only so far)
Uncharted: Drake's Fortune - December
Viva Pinata Party Animals - Winter 2007