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Fan created project shows what amateur remake of God of War would look like in UE5



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Rat Rage

Am I the only one who feels that there is too much detail? I find it visually exhausting if there is too much detail, because then the games character and the games backgrounds kind of blend together (like with a camouflage pattern).


Somehow remember me of the scrapped remake Ubisoft was doing for Prince of Persia (well, it's still in development, but luckily rebooted). Anyway looks good for a fanmade project, looks terrible for an actual remake.


Looks incredibly bad. The amount of post processing is ridiculous bad, and is there only to mask the low quality assets.
I know it's just some student or hobbyist, but when videos and forum threads claim it's something amazing, it will set the bar too high.


Fucking hell I swear every day we get a "omg look what game this one dude in a cardboard box made on Unreal Engine 5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" bollocks. They always look shit.

Just goes to show how few next-gen looking games we have close to three years into this cycle. People are like:

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animations look like models were not properly rigged.
From what I see, the trend of the "now in UE5" demos seem to be grab a bunch of stock assets and one skeleton to rig all the models, smear the screen with vaseline and
add a sprinkle of AA over the top.

From the ones I have seen, they all look bad.
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Awful. The lighting is just bad. Torches mounted on the wall wouldn’t give off that much light in an outside area in broad daylight.


I appreciate its fanmade, 1 or 2 people whatever, but I could not fathom even thinking of putting my work on the internet and including those bits where Kratos is running and looks like a roided up popeye, or where the blade is clipping into his back etc. Surely they could see those parts look awful? :/


Everything about this looks awful. The assets, the character models, the environmental effects, animations, etc.
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