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Fan holds a "LOCALIZE MOTHER 3" sign during WWE Smackdown

I searched and didnt found it already.

Recently a fan in what I assume is very expensive front row seats of WWE's Smackdown managed to be seen on tv holding a sign that read "LOCALIZE MOTHER 3".

Here's the pic:

Here's the tweet I saw it from.

I don't know why but I find everything surrounding the Mother games fascinating.
Hahaha that's so random, I love it.

Mother 3 is one of my favorite games of all time so I'd be very happy if it shows up on NX Virtual Console

Wasn't there that rumor from emily rogers that it was coming west? I might be misremembering
Wrestling signs are great sometimes. I remember when the some of the wrestlers went out dressed up as Saiyans while Team Four Star were literally in the audience.


Could you even imagine a late '80s era Macho Man Randy Savage cutting a promo involving Mother 3?

My God it would be insanity. OHHHHHH YEEEEEEEAH!
Eh. Still not as funny/awesome as the time the cut to Lanipator holding a sign with the TeamFourStar logo on it after The New Day did their DBZ entrance. Or those times when someone manages to slip a Chris Benoit head pass security...


Strap on your hooker ...
I kind of want a parody localization of Mother 3 filled to the brim with wrestling references now.


Nintendo and the WWE could partner up to bring the game west, the same way the WWE has teamed up with Hanna-Barbera & the makers of Surf's Up. WWE pays the money, Nintendo changes the main character's name to John Cena, and so on.
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