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Fan Project Shows What a Metroid Nintendo 64 Game Would Look Like


NeoGAFs Kent Brockman

This concept was created by Twitter user Luto Akino, who is an indie game developer from Mexico. They posted a video of this Metroid 64 concept, where Samus is in a 3D re-imagining of the Lower Brinstar area. It demonstrated a rotating 3D camera around Samus, where the player can look around at any angle. Unlike the Metroid Prime series, this project is a 3D action platformer, where Samus can lock onto certain objects with the press of a button, which keeps the player centered on what they are shooting at.

Some of Samus' movement and weapons were also demonstrated in this video, with her jump always being in a corkscrew motion, or her being able to use a quick dash/dodge mechanic. Aside from her arm cannon, she also has access to her morph ball form, which can lay down a series of bombs like from her 2D entries. Many fans compared the fan project to Capcom's Mega Man Legends game, due to their similar third-person gameplay mechanics.


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Really well put together concept but given how amazing Metroid Prime was when it landed I’m in some ways glad they skipped the N64 with this franchise.
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