Far Cry 3 gameplay footage (Xbox 360 version)


Should probably not trust the 7-11 security cameras quite so much
After Far Cry 2 I will remain ultra-skeptical until the GAF impressions. At least they are going back to the tropical setting.
Any youtube link for this?

*edit Never mind, seems like the same footage from yesterday. Now I'm confused. Yesterday it was stated that it was the PC version played with a 360 pad. Now it's 360 footage?
Far Cry 2 is the best catastrophically buggy and remarkably incredible half-baked game around.
Far Cry 2 is STALKER gone incredibly wrong.
I don't mind bug. The game was just bad. Bad weapon feedback, bad pacing, bad AI, bulletsponge enemies, absolute lack of variety and an underused, empty landscape.

It had a nice engine and good looking scenario and that's pretty much it.
Do you actually want a buggy, half-baked and yet incredibly ambitious open world shooter/RPG/whatever? Then just play White Gold/Precursors.

One tenth of the budget, with a ten times more coherent creative vision.


I'd be in the dick
I'm playing FC2 right now and I'm digging it, even though a lot of the ideas don't have the best execution. Definitely looking forward to this.
Of course thats 360 version. Shit is popping up like crazy. Still looks as one of the best looking games on consoles. 3rd parties are starting to catch up on visual side...