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Far Cry 4's art is racist and the antagonist is (potentially) gay

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Edit: Those of you that are personally attacking people that I've quoted here are disgusting. You really think being racist and homophobic towards someone makes them less sensitive to these issues? It must be a miserable life spending all your time hating people online.

Original Post

I couldn't help but feel concerned when I saw Far Cry 4's released art and turns out other people had other issues with it as well.

My initial thoughts on Far Cry 4's art, and how I hope the antagonist isn't gay

A few months after the Far Cry 3 writer said "we won’t see gay protagonist in AAA game for a while over sales fears" comes the announcement of Far Cry 4.

The moment I saw the picture below, I felt my heart sank. An evil character, wearing all purple, having an edgy stylish modelesque haircut, hand resting on a guys head...I instantly thought they could be making a gay antagonist.

While there is nothing inherently wrong with a gay antagonist, it worries me that it might not be done right. Also if the only time we have gay characters in games as main characters that are bad guys, what message does that send to people? All gay people are bad, or it will just fuel their hatred they already have towards gay people. I can see it now, people thinking "Finally, I can call a character in a game a faggot and he will actually be one."

Maybe I'm being pessimistic, or maybe I'm being fearful, heck maybe I'm stereotyping a bit myself (more so hoping they themselves didn't create a stereotypical gay character), but I just wanted to voice my initial feelings on the matter.

Twitter reacts to Far Cry 4 art calling it racist

When I voiced my opinion on Twitter I had a few responses come in with other concerns:

Joseph Ben Unkle III said:
"The first image I was drawn to was a white dude lording over a native, which made me go "Wow, Ubi learned nothing after Far Cry 3." - @jbu3

Veeren Jubbal said:
"The Far Cry 4 box art is racist. You all see that, right?" - @Veeren_Jubbal

"Colonization, white privilege, white supremacy, systemic racism, and white saviour role to name a few." @Veeren_Jubbal

".@UbisoftToronto @UbisoftMTL @FarCrygame Hello. How are you doing today? Hope you are all well. Just wanted to say--the box art is racist." @Veeren_Jubbal

After Veeren tweeted at Ubisoft a few people replied to him, and backed what he had said, including a PhD Candidate in Media Studies named Austin Walker. Austin also provided some advice to Ubisoft.

Austin Walker said:
"Follow up on Veerender's important tweet: I know FC3 was hugely successful, but a number of the game's fans were put off of a game they would've otherwise enjoyed b/c issues of colonialism, racism, homophobia, and ableism. From the infantilization and othering of native peoples, to the decision that framing male-on-male rape as "especially" villainous, FC3 is filled with troubling content. Please engage with these critiques during FC4's production. This art makes a bad first impression. It reads, at best, as misguided & undercooked. Don't trust the artist or writer who says they're not [whatever]ist. Get consultants. Put in work." @austin_walker

Anthony Burch of Gearbox and lead writer of Borderlands 2 weighed in on the art as well.

AnthonyBurch said:
"Oh please god don’t make that villain as analogous to homophobia as FC3 was to white saviorhood" @reverendanthony

The Art (Note: the boxart appears to be different, at least for the Limited Edition)

Force to hold a grenade in the dirt with your privileged hand on my head if old.


Edit: For those of you asking why I assume he is gay or what not, I don't. Just the words of Far Cry 3's writer, mixed with the way he is depicted makes me concerned that he will be a gay stereotype. So often are gay and trans people only shown as villains or punchlines in games, so you can see how this could be problematic.


More power to them. He looks like a great villain just based off the boxart.

Wpnder if he knows the definition of insanity.


And they made him a Lord of Cinder. Not for virtue, but for might. Such is a lord, I suppose. But here I ask. Do we have a sodding chance?
Controversy this early on?

Excellent marketing.
How can they cry racism when they don't even know the context?

Really, this whole thing is almost devoid of context. How about we all take a deep breath, here?
I mean, this might just me, but I'm pretty sure it's intended to evoke racism. We don't know much about the game yet but I'm pretty positive the box art isn't the way it is by chance or ignorance. It's pretty blatant.
I think it's too early to call if he's gay or not. But he does look infinitely more interesting than Bog Standard Evil Bad Guy #28.

Hopefully he has some personality, which it looks like he does.

(And if he turns out to be gay, to not be stereotypical of course)

edit: Also yes, the racial overtones are supposed to be overt. Does that justify them? Up to you! That's a personal opinion. But don't think that Ubisoft didn't do this on purpose
flamboyant =/= gay

lmao jesus christ. this just in: Roy Koopa and Doflamingo Donquixote confirmed gay

and I'm kind of getting the feeling that the elements to this boxart that could be construed as racist are very much intended, and I won't know how to feel until I've been given a bit more context, really.
I think I've just discovered hitherto unknown levels of outrage based on massive oversimplification and complete lack of information. Well done OP.


Even if that evil guy ends being gay, there isn't remotely signs of a trend to jump to those conclussions as far as I know.
If the main character is a Gurkha and the villain's sexuality is never brought up, then the art is neither racist or will the potential homosexuality of the villain won't matter?

I'm confused. There's nothing wrong with making the bad guy a gay guy unless they just mine stupid stereotypes or be homophobic about it. There isn't anything wrong with making a story line that is steeped in fears over colonialism and racism if it's done well, there's a compelling plot.

Also, that villain might be Asian. I'm not sure.


Yes....yes....it hasn't been a day and our game is controversial! Man fuck paying for early marketing we got this in the bag! Call Fox News, we need tv adverts stat!

The Jason

Does not look gay to me, just rich.

Also, the villain probably is racist, and the cover is showing that. It does not make the game a racist game.
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