Far Cry 4's villain is not gay.

Dec 13, 2012
So, an odd topic about Far Cry 4's villain Pagan Min is whether or not the character is gay. People were worried that ubisoft would mis represent the LGBT community with the character. Ironically, these people were also jumping to conclusions that the character was gay due the box art, how he is dressed, his hair, and his attitude to the main character Ajay in the first 5 minutes of the game.

Gameinformer published an article about the creation of Pagan Min, you can read it here.


Article goes into details about the characters background, their attempt to one up Vaas, etc.

However the relationship the player character Ajay and Pagan gives details on Pagan's sexual preferences.

Pagan may be powerful, but his power isn’t unchallenged. Early into Pagan’s leadership, a resistance movement led by a man named Mohan Ghale frustrated Pagan’s supremacy with tactful guerilla skirmishes. However, Mohan and Pagan weren’t just fighting for a country; they were fighting for the love of a woman named Ishwari. When this awkward love triangle ended with Mohan’s death, Ishwari fled the country, and Pagan retreated into his palace, leaving Kyrat to his lunatic governors.

This is where players enter into the story. As Mohan’s son – a man named Ajay Ghale – players return to Kyrat for the first time since they were a child in order to scatter their mother’s ashes across the top of Kyrat’s tallest mountain.

“Pagan has lots to reveal about your mother,” says Thompson. “Pagan has a personal connection to you that you don’t understand, and he uses that as a weapon against you. He’s fun and charming, but also terrifying – evil, but weirdly friendly. He can come talk to you very matter of factly while everyone around you is being murdered. Your whole world is falling apart, but for him it’s 11 o’clock on a Tuesday.”
Also the pink suit is simply there for style. They go into detail as to why Troy Baker was casted as Pagan

“There was something arresting about his performance,” says Thompson. “We saw probably 100 to 200 video auditions beforehand, and up until that point we hadn’t seen anyone who had the confidence that Pagan Min needed. This is a man who wears a pink suit, takes over a country, installs himself as king, and says, ‘You’re all my subjects, you love me,’ The actors we saw up until that point didn’t have that. Troy Baker, right now, knows that he’s hot ---. He has an air of confidence. The room was silent when he auditioned.”
Hopefully this kills any worries of misrepresentation.

Also worth noting that I would like to see more LGBT characters in games, I just found it ridiculous people were jumping to conclusions because he was wearing purple.
Jan 29, 2014
I always find that wording odd.

How do you misrepresent a community as that one? Do they all have the same personality?

Or is the worry that having a homosexual villain suggest something about homosexuals in general? Wouldn't this same worry be about his race as well?


Nov 14, 2009
Shit is getting asinine.
This will be ignored for the most part and the next shred of anything to jump on will be seized with no hesitation.
Reality doesn't stir the masses nearly as well.
Jul 27, 2010
wait, ubi never said he was gay in the first place?

mess, all these threads had me thinking he was a queen, with yall fibbing asses
Jan 21, 2013
I still don't understand why this is a controversy. Seems as contrived as the RE5 nonsense.
I have no idea about what non-sense your are speaking.

On topic though, uh is the dude super effeminate but not explicitly gay or just wearing a pink suit?

Super effeminate but not explicitly gay villain man from what I understand is a get out of dodge trope that has been going on for a while, that some people aren't appreciative of.

People mad that white man killed black zombies in Africa.

People were mad people were killing black inarticulate stereotypes of black people in Africa.

Like grass skirt with a spear guy.