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Far Cry New Dawn is Fun


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I'm enjoying Far Cry New Dawn. I thought I'd share some positive impressions, because if I remember right, the game got a lot of grief when it came out. I'm having fun with it. Granted, I only paid $10, so I would've felt differently if I'd paid full price when it came out, three years ago.

Anyhow, here's what I'm enjoying about it:

1. The upgrade loop is satisfying. Everything seems to be tied into a purpose, which motivates me to complete the quests, explore, take over outposts, recruit companions, go on expeditions, etc. In other games, I often wonder why I'm doing X or Y. I don't have that feeling here.

I find the upgrade loop addictive.

2. Apart from any goodies you get, the activities themselves are fun. The main missions are fun, the side stories are fun, the companion quests are fun, the expeditions are fun, and the treasure hunts are fun. I haven't been bored during any of the activities.

3. Unlike other open-world games, there aren't a bunch of boring side-activities cluttering things up. I'm sure you could bore yourself if you were a completionist and wanted to get every trophy, but that's not me. This may be a function of it being a smaller, more focused game, rather than a 100-hour time sink.

4. The weapons feel good. The guns have a weight to them. The shooting feels good; controls are smooth. This is a strength of Far Cry games, so no surprise here, but it's still a pleasure.

5. Sense of humor. I know it's adolescent, but it makes me laugh. I like it.

6. A few new additions that I liked. 1) Expeditions. 2) Countdown death timers, 3) the base.

7. Characters. I liked all of them.

The only real negative is the antagonists -- the two sisters, the wannabe badasses who dress like motocross contestants. They are not intimidating at all. They are faintly ridiculous, a far cry from previous Far Cry villains. And they do dumb stuff, like pull the pin on a grenade, give the grenade to a small child, then stand three feet away from the child (what could possibly go wrong?). Mercifully, the twins are not on screen very often.

The colors are also a little too vivid for my tastes. I had to turn down the HDR.

But otherwise, I'm having a good time with Far Cry New Dawn. You can pick it up for ten bucks or less at this point, so if you're looking for something to play, and this type of game appeals to you, put it on your list. It's not any groundbreaking masterpiece. It's just a fun game.
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I recently played through them all, I didn't like the end encounter particularly or the 'arena', but it was good to see it happen after FC5 (which is still my favourite).

But as a standalone package it's not bad at all


Agreed, been a long time since i played it but i have fond memories of it!

I´m playing a second run on FC6 right now but i´m debating if i should play New Dawn or FC5 again after this.....
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I enjoyed it when i played it, i liked the open world and the activities in Far Cry 5 more than the other games, but the main story was bad and felt like it was made by a different team, i was kidnapped 1500 feet in the air from my helicopter by a tranquilizer lol. it was fun seeing the places in New Dawn years later, i wish it used the full map.
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Second run on Far Cry 6? How are you liking it?
It's fun but not as good as FC5 imo. The game is very easy, even on Guerilla difficulty.

I would say it's a relaxing game with comical/satirical over-the-top entertainment + gorgeous visuals.
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