Fargo Season 3 - Full trailer up now - Premieres April 19th on FX

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So when is this premiering in Canada? FX Canada is running through the entire series in the days before the 19th.... but apparently it isn't airing that night.
- THR: Ewan McGregor on Challenge of Playing a Double Role in 'Fargo'
"I felt like I understood them from the writing and I don't make the job very complicated for myself as an actor," said McGregor, who also had to learn how to master the distinct Fargo accent. "But when I got up there [to set], I suddenly went, 'F—, I've got two jobs to do here.'"

After discussing at great length how the two characters should look with creator Noah Hawley, McGregor said he got a lot of help from his friends in the costume and makeup departments to achieve Ray's appearance. One of the longer scenes in the premiere sees McGregor as Ray in a towel, displaying the results of that work.

"I got a lot of help in terms of what they look like," he says, "but in terms of what they are, and how they sound and move, that was down to my instincts."

The Trainspotting star added, "I get dressed and I'm ready as Ray, and I start to feel like Ray. And the same as Emmit. And I just trust that."

That instinct is likely just what Hawley was looking for when he thought up the idea of having one person play his two leads.

"We wanted an actor of a certain caliber," he told THR ahead of the screening at the SVA Theater. "You need to make it a compelling job for them. But I really thought, if they're family, you want to see the family resemblance. You want to feel that they're brothers. Obviously they look very different, but there's still that inherent Ewan-ness in both."

MattZollerSeitz said:
Watching the new FARGO. Ewan McG is so good you forget he's playing two parts.


Can't believe this is dropping down soon! Season 2 was fantastic even though for some odd reason, I had low expectations from it (I thought Season 1 couldn't be matched).

I like how the trailer is vague so we still don't know much of the story. That was practically me in Season 2, even if I did follow the media hype around it.

Can't wait!

I am actually hoping Netflix releases the episodes here weekly like what they do with Riverdale, but I think the Netflix copycat got the rights to Fargo before Netflix set up shop here in the Philippines. FML
I just finished Season 1 and was blown away by how good it was.

How is season 2 in relation to season 1?

there's maybe no one who's as much of an intriguing villian as malvo or a really weasely shitbag as lester (though one person comes close) but the cast is way stronger overall (one of my favourites is a side character whereas I barely cared about some of the supporting cast in the first season) and when shit goes down everything is super tightly done, I was enthralled. I enjoyed it more than season 1.
- THR review
Much of what makes Fargo so special can be glimpsed in those first two episodes, and based on character description and the arc of this third season, I would bet the rest holds up quite nicely. I say this having ranked the show No. 1 in 2014 and No. 1 in 2015 on my year-end best television lists. There's something about this show that continually finds its way to greatness.

I'm working on the OT the next couple of days. I should have it up on Thursday or Friday.
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