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Fargo - Thornton & Freeman in a new tale from the Coen Brothers' world - Tues on FX

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ah, I knew that S2 was going to be about Sioux Falls and related events, considering they never explained what happened in the first season (even after mentioning it 3-4 times) it would have just been weird if they didn't do this.

just finished to watch season 1. honestly? I liked it a lot. Billy Bob Thornton and Martin Freeman were stellar, especially Thronton. I doubt they'll be able to top Malvo's character and Thornton's performance with S2. ;( colin hanks wasn't even awful, I actually think that his character fit very well with his style. imagine how garbage it would have been if he had the role of Malvo.

I understand some complaints about the writing but as someone already mentioned, I think that you're supposed to look at this more as a dark comedy than an actual very realistic drama. that being said, the overall writing was far from dumb or bad. that Rambo scene in the building with CG was probably a bit too much, and there were some situations which just felt like they were thrown into the show and no fucks were given about the consequences, look at Don, some random people killed etc. - still, most of the time I thought that everything was very nicely executed.

I wasn't a fan of the whole Stavros arc, the whole point of that was Malvo having fun with the guy? I doubt he needed or even wanted the money to begin with. on the other hand I liked the 2 FBI agents, not great at their job or incredibly smart, which is more realistic and refreshing than what you usally see, but they were entertaining.

I didn't really had a problem with "the local PD being dumb as fuck". whilst it's true, it fits quite well with what could happen if something like that actually occurs in a small, insignificant and seemingly pacific town like that one. Bill might have acted like a very moronic and unskilled policeman but I saw him more like as someone that doesn't really care, he wants to get out of those murder cases as fast as possible, whether he gets the actual killer or not. he gets annoyed by Molly because she doesn't let it go. even if he realizes that she might be right, he just wants to close the case. so yeah "fuck Molly" - as you see in the ending he decides to quit, he wasn't expecting to deal with such a dangerous killer or situation, being a policeman in such a small town to him probably meant getting to deal with a couple of thieves once in a while, at best. and that's probably what happened before Malvo arrived. plus it's hard to hate on Bob Odenkirk.

Malvo is seen as the devil, a (jewish) demon, a beast which scares everyone and gets what he wants. hence he seems like an immortal and smarter than everyone else killer. also I'd like to point out how in the elevator scene, where he looks like the Angel of Death or something, it's suggested that
Lester is going to die
- "I'm coming for you" after "see you soon". speaking of Lester, I found his ending to be a perfect for his character.
- Deadline: Cristin Milioti Joins FX ‘Fargo’ Miniseries
How I Met Your Mother alumna Cristin Milioti is set for a role opposite Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson in the second installment of the Fargo miniseries franchise based on the cult Coen brothers movie. The 10-episode new chapter is set in 1979 in Sioux Falls, SD and Luverne, MN, where a young State Police Officer Lou Solverson (Wilson), recently back from Vietnam, will tackle an all new “true crime” case. Milioti will recur as Betsy, Lou’s (Wilson) wife and the daughter of Rock County Sheriff Hank Larsson (Danson). A woman of the plains — pretty but firm — she can both jump start a car and make a casserole, clean a gun as well as the gutters.


I have the honored privileged of being able to marathon this show right now.

That opening sequence to Episode 9 leading up to the "FX Presents" flashing across the screen, hah! Wow it was incredible.


Still excited for this season, despite not having seen the first one. I just love that my home area is finally getting a story centered around it. Never thought it would happen unless I was the one writing it. :) Hoping to get a name drop of my hometown since it's only 14 miles away on I90 and bigger than Luverne by far.
More casting news:

- EW: Fargo casts Adam Arkin as season 2 mob boss
Fargo’s impressive season 2 ensemble cast has just added another notable name: EW has exclusively learned that actor-director Adam Arkin has signed on to play a mob boss in the series.

Arkin’s character is Hamish Broker. He’s officially described as a “mid-level manager in the Kansas City crime syndicate” (but is likely the highest-ranking member of the crime organization that we’ll actually see).

Arkin has also committed to directing the next installment’s penultimate episode and its season finale, i.e. episodes 9 and 10.

Originally, Arkin was only supposed to serve as a director on the Emmy-winning series. But after preparing his episodes with Fargo showrunner Noah Hawley, the writer-producer asked Arkin to play Broker as well. Recently, Arkin directed the series finale of another FX show, Justified, and has previously had acting and directing duties on FX’s Sons of Anarchy.
Good to see he'll be doing some directing, as well.
A couple of S2 teasers from earlier this week:

- Curl Up N' Dye
- Break Time's Over

Also, first look at Bruce Campbell via EW:



Can't wait. Season 1 was the most fun I had watching a show last year. I just hope the new cast will leave the same mark the fantastic season 1 cast did.


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What happened to Mary Jane? Looks aged now. Couldn't even recognize her. Also Todd from BB gained some kilos.


I'm so in for season 2, cannot wait. I hope Netflix (Netherlands) has a similar deal for season 2 as they had for the first one.
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