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Fart mechanics in games

So you play your new favorite game, everything goes well, but then you see that half-meter ledge that your character just can't jump over for whatever arbitrary reason (maybe he is really afraid of heights, you know), and that makes you sigh: "But that is so unrealistic!" You know what else is unrealistic? They never need to go to toilet. As far as I am concerned, every character in every videogame have infinite bladder. You can make them visit bathroom, but they will just flush and call it a day, never actually doing the deed.

Meanwhile animals are living the full life.

Bears will fart in your face.

Horse can do it on command.

Mudokons in Oddworld not only use farts for communicating, it is also possible to possess one.

Screw Crash reboot, we need to bring Boogerman back.



Symphony of the night has a totally gamebreaking fart transformation that can annihilate the final boss without the player having to press a button.

Alucard must have been eating a shitton of garlic o.o

Best pic I could find:


Beyond Good and Evil. Uncle Pay'j uses farts to power is rocket boots and is refered to as "the old fart" through out the game.
Canned farts:

If you ever had doubts as to whether Fable Legends was a worthy extension of Lionhead's much-loved RPG series, consider this: in the final, never fully released game, there were at least 10 different ways to fart. There's Sterling, the self-obsessed hero who lets rip into his hand then relishes the ensuing aroma; Flair the acrobat who stands on her hands, parts her legs then politely parps; Inga, the armour-clad bruiser who winds up her arms before unleashing a burst from her bowels. Finally step forth Shroud, the assassin who makes sure he's not being watched before letting out a silent, deadly gust. We truly were robbed of something special.
Try Not To Fart on XBLIG had terrible art but was actually pretty fun and a great concept.

I recently had the pleasure of showing my daughter how to make endless farts and burps mixed I with quizzical Banjo noises on B&K. Ah, parenting.
Going back to Boogerman, you could fly with I think the chili and using fart power, well it was more like a hover but still.

Such a weird game when I rented it as a kid.


Isaac had a lot of fart mechanics. A Lot!

Seriously, Isaac is easily up there with the best of them in terms of raw variety and utility.

You've got charming farts that get enemies to fight for you, small farts that push people back, standard farts that poison people, giga farts that petrify and send out waves of stalagmites, follower friends that fart, BoI is as gaseous as games get.


Space Station 13 is king of farting mechanics.

- On demand /fart of CTRL + F command for everyone - including robots, ghosts and more!
- Wizard protagonist spells that makes everyone in the vicinity fart so hard their butt flies off
- Robot sound synthesizers that allow them to bypass the fart cooldown for unlimited fart spamming.
- Station wide "Fartening" where everyone's butt fies off due to excess farts.
- Fart without your butt and see what happens!
- Farting on people who have fallen over as the ultimate humiliation tactic - teabagging has nothing on this.
- Wear the butt you farted off on your head
- Certain servers all you to "superfart" where you build up violent kinetic energy in your ass, fart, explode, die and perhaps take out a few people around you.
- Dead and have nothing to do? Move your ghost above the station AI (a player character most of the time) and they will hear your farts from beyond the grave!
- Even more I have forgotten/don't know about.
Bring back poo


And on the sixth day the LORD David Bowie created man and woman in His image. And he saw that it was good. On the seventh day the LORD created videogames so that He might take the bloody day off for once.
Stimpy's invention has a level where you get inflated then propel yourself by farting.
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