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Fastest you’ve ever sold a game?

Secured myself a PS4 the second preorders opened after E3 2013. As the launch date approached, I realized that that there were zero games I was interested in. I wasn't gonna get a console without any games, so I got a copy of CoD Ghosts, thinking I'd at least a week or so of mindless fun out of the campaign and multiplayer.

I made it about 5 minutes into the first campaign mission before I closed the game, shut down the console and listed them both for sale online. Sold them that same day for a 250 Euro profit.


Assassin's Creed 3.

My first Assassin's Creed (and my last, although I did try ass Creed 2 afterwards because I heard it was the best, but also gave up very early on).

I did the tutorial area where you climb and shimmy through a theatre. It felt absolutely ridiculous and the character should have been fully visible by the whole crowd.

Made it to a boat where you can play some sort of game.

Noped out.

SF Kosmo

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This is an easy one for me:

Super Mario Sunshine. Got it as a pack in with my Game Cube. Was into it, in theory, and played it for about three days before coming to the inescapable conclusion that this game just stinks. Traded it for Super Monkey Ball. No regrets.

Elektro Demon

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FarCry New Dawn. My god what a piece of shit.
Also, wolfenstein youngblood. Absolute forced feminist propaganda bullshit of a game. I quit after 15 minutes.


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FarCry New Dawn. My god what a piece of shit.
Also, wolfenstein youngblood. Absolute forced feminist propaganda bullshit of a game. I quit after 15 minutes.
In what ways exactly? I don't remember much about the game.

The game isn't good by any means, but still.
I’ve never sold a game, except when I moved from England to the US and I sold everything to one of those buy your collection websites rather than deal with bringing them.

Have been all digital since 2013.


Demon's Souls on PS3. Around that time I started my first studio gig doing QA, I think it had been a year or so at that point. The amount of jank and bugs that existed in the game irked me to no end, as that was a new found curse I obtained being from QA. The moments where my character couldn't attack others because of collision in the environment, but THEY could attack me made me rage. But it wasn't until the point where you're crossing the bridge and have to avoid the dragon's fire as it flew by. I was in one of the towers waiting for it to pass and its fire breath completely clipped the tower and instantly killed me. I immediately turned it off and traded it in the next day.


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Returnal, bought used like a week after launch for almost half the price, finished on my second run, sold it the next day.


Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. This was a horrible and pathetic follow-up to the old Tiger Woods PGA Tour games. Returned it within a week.

Bring Tiger back. I don't care how many hookers he had slobbering on his pee pee. It must've been doing him some good at the time.
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Most recently an indie game called Assault Spy.
Someone around here recommended it and it looked cool. But for whatever reason it ran like shit for me. Now sure, I only have a 1050ti but this thing looked like some mid point between ps2 and Ps3, there was no reason for it to have massive FPS drops even with mid settings at 900p while the character is just walking around some empty room. Played around with the settings for maybe 15 minutes then just returned it.
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This shit right here, didn't last a week

I bought this before a 6 hour roadtrip with friends. 4 hours later stopped for lunch walked over to the GameStop and got rid of it.
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Codes 208

7 days to die on pc was horrible. At the time even with a 970 it felt like it was chugging. So an hour in and i got my refund.

though years later i tried again when i got my 2070, its a much better experience but holy shit if thats what it takes to play the game.


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Dark souls sold it same day. Didn’t really want it cause I knew I wasn’t into them any more but went to a local game store and figured I had to buy something to support them.


Scot pilgrim vs the world.

The moment I opened the game on my PC and saw that I couldn't run it without having Uplay active did I immediately used steam refund.

Screw publishers that force their own launchers.


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Fifa 95 for MD.
I loved Fifa International Soccer, so I thought it was the same but better. Returned it after few hours to the shop saying "Sorry, wrong platform, I actually have a SNES ( I didn't have a SNES)".


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Oh this is an easy one.

Ac2, returned to gamestop after a couple of hours when i realized that the combat was still complete utter shit and no amount of young ezio can change that.

The order, i sold that short piece of shit after 2 days, i only lost 10 euros.
WCW Nitro in PSOne. Got it one night and sold it to a local video game shop the very next morning. I never in my life is gaming got rid of anything else that fast. The guy in the shop I knew was like, wow this just came out yesterday. I said, yep and it’s all yours now, enjoy. Just awful and so disappointing.
Uno was on sale on Xbox recently. I bought it, booted to the menu, realized it’s the same trash glitches and account issues Ubi’s other games like Monopoly suffer from, immediately refunded.


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Kessen on PS2. I got it on launch, put it in, and I didn’t have the patience for it. I had Onimusha the day it came out and looking back, I wanted Kessen to be what Onimusha was. I took it back for Madden. I took back Haze on PS3 the day after it came out. It was awful. It looked bad, the characters looked bad, and the whole thing felt like a waste of $60. I also took back Heavenly Sword and Lair the following day. Heavenly Sword felt too linear and the combat wasn’t very exciting. I sold Lair because the controls were awful. It was more work than it was fun. I took back The Force Awakens the next day because the combat was boring and the hit detection felt weird. I felt like they overhyped that game and it wasn’t worth playing. I got both of them on Steam years later for a couple bucks a piece. Alone in the Dark for Xbox 360. I was in IT school at the time and I was even talking to other people about it. I went out that night and bought it. The next day I sold it. That overhyped CGI announcement trailer was a lie. That game was nothing like they advertised. I stopped trying to like Alone in the Dark. I think the name and the fact that it was survival horror were the only reasons the series caught my eye.


Driver 3 on Xbox. I played that shit for about 20 mins then returned it for a full refund, there was several others in the shop doing the same thing.
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1) De Blob on Wii. After the first time I jumped, I ejected it from the console. Jump was motion controlled. JUMP, yes jump - motion controlled in a platforming game where jumping is the main mechanic? Who the hell thought that was a good idea? Good bye.

2) GTA4. I walked about 10 metres and immediately listed it on eBay. It was the same clunky ass tank controls that still persists to this day in GTAV. I probably didn’t even get more than 60 seconds in this game lol. It’s frustrating to think about how good Rockstar games seem to be but how bad the controls are. I put up with the bad controls in GTA3, SA, VC…but by the time 4 came out I couldn’t take it any longer.
Marvel Avengers. 🤷‍♂️

Let me guess. PS2 versions? If yes, do a favor to yourself and play the pc versions...
How would the PC version handle better control wise (with keyboard and mouse)?
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Demon souls ps3
I bought the game back in October 15 2009 at 5pm played the game for 2 hours and I got bored with the stupid difficulty then I decided this game is not for me so I sold it at 7pm at the same day


I uninstalled my copy of NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered on the same day I bought it. I kept getting totalled at the end of a 15 minute race/pursuit and what broke the camels back was being wrecked by a cop about 200 yards from the finish line. Quit, uninstalled.


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4-5 years after buying them I think. Sold some N64 games to afford GameCube games. I've never sold a game since.
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Mass Effect Andromeda. Bought it new on day 1, played it through 4 planets completing almost everything on each planet before moving on, realized I hated it by the first planet and I was just forcing myself to play because it's ME, sold it on day 4 without ever beating it for a 12 dollar loss altogether.

Unk Adams

Front Mission: Evolved on the Xbox 360. It was mediocre enough but I actually gave it a chance and then the stupid, glitchy game froze while it was saving, corrupting my data a few hours in. I immediately went back to the store and returned it.
I think the soonest I sold something was Mario Maker for the WiiU. I got it used like a while after it came out thinking I’d have some fun making some levels.

I went a week without playing it at all and then realized I had no intention of actually playing it so I brought it back.

Right now I’m just wondering if I should sell my copy of Cyberpunk and make back the $20 I spent on it. I got it last month and was having a pretty good time, but I got to a point where I just straight up stopped caring about it and dropped it. I could wait for the “next gen” patch for it, but I honestly think they’re so far behind fixing the game that they may not even get to ever releasing one.
The only ones I can think of that were sold on quickly were Last of Us Remastered and Doom 2016. Get them finished and fuck 'em off for as much as I could while I still could. Pretty graphics don't make up for shitty, boring games. Don't want them anywhere near my collection.


Saint's Row IV when I was still buying physical. I kept it about a month until GTA V dropped then traded it in for the strategy guide. As much as I rag on GTA V it was still a much better game.


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Probably Fallout 4. I was totally done with that concept. Sold it two days after trying it for like 6 hours.
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