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Favorite late-game tearjerker themes

mango drank

May 12, 2009
You know those "heavy" songs that show up near the end of a story-driven game, when your party is about to break up and is saying goodbye to one another forever? Or your main character is having a charged convo with a former friend who he now has to kill as a final boss, and shit's fucked so the game throws an emotional track at you? That kind of thing. Post your favorite tracks. Credit-roll themes count too, if they're part of a whole bittersweet sendoff the game is doing.

Some of my favorites:

Chrono Trigger - Epilogue: To Good Friends

Tales of Phantasia - Goodbye, Friends


Sep 29, 2013
Honestly, I think this song hits me the hardest whenever I hear it.

Another would be from NieR

Interesting that both feature a character named Emile. Coincidence? I think not!

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Apr 17, 2015
This definitely didn't make me do a small cry:

What a perfect mix of happiness and sadness...

You <spoilered> but your <spoiler> <spoilers>!
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Apr 17, 2015
and this. I cried tears... One of very few games this gen

I'm just about to begin my PS5 playthrough of this in 4K60*, I'm so fucking excited. I think I will appreciate it more this time as I had some AI issues at first that kinda put me off, but a big reason for it was that I didn't understand the command system properly. I didn't know he had to physically see you perform the command to know you wanted him to do (if it wasn't a verbal command). I think he knew to go forward when you were on him and did the "running on the spot" move without looking though.

I have this now as well:

As well as following the areas with the book it also has a trophy guide that tells you where to find all the "butterfly barrels", I think it unlocks something. I need to remember to mediate in every area for a few mins to hear all the hints as well, that will take an age probably lol.
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Nov 28, 2017
I may be weird but this one always got to me. The whole game felt like this awesome adventure as a kid, going out to save the critters of the world, all culminating in this awesome orbital battle. No way of knowing what will happen afterwards except to do your best. The OST for this game, the art as well is just superb. The other games as well but this one man....

I'm also really partial to the original Mechwarrior games. As a teen the Battletech universe captured my imagination like no other, I'd build massive armies out of my Lego collection lol.

I'd post FFIX but that is typically huge but it also gets me in the feels HARD. Hell FF IV-9 always get me. I love the cast of IX though, Vivi is both cute and cool, and his people have such a tragic story.