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FBI docs: Study found Clinton email server hacked, info found on dark web


... and he cannot lie
Feb 21, 2018

Information from Hillary Clinton's unauthorized, private email server were found on the dark web, newly released documents from the FBI show.

It has long been suspected that Clinton's server, located in her home in Chappaqua, N.Y., might have been breached by hackers, but that has never been publicly confirmed.

But notes from a independent review, obtained by the FBI and released from "The Vault" on Friday, determined the Romanian hacker known as Guccifer breached a server for Clinton ally Sidney Blumenthal, who was passing information about Libya to the secretary of state, and Clinton's server was "indirectly" hacked likely as a result of the breach of Blumenthal's server. This information was transferred to a computer or network located south of Bucharest, Romania. The report said a second indirect hack of Clinton's server by people working on Guccifer's behalf took place on May 22, 2009, followed by other breaches.

The study found Guccifer used an anonymous server in Russia to carry out the "penetration" and there was a "high possibility" that Russian services monitored these servers and might have a copy.

One file taken from Clinton's server that was not seen on Blumenthal's server was found on the deep web, a hidden layer of the Internet not indexed by search engines, and the dark web, a shady constellation of darknets with layers of encryption favored by cybercriminals and hackers.

It is described as an Excel spreadsheet with "targeting data" that would receive the highest level of classification. "If it is determined by the by the FBI that this file ever was overtly classified, it will serve as a potential 'smoking gun document,'" the notes said.

"This file represents a major loss to the Intelligence Community because it appears to be targeting data," the notes said. This file was translated from Russian to Arabic, represented a list of targets "possibly" created by a Russian source, "located or intercepted by our services," and was sent to Clinton by an unknown individual, the notes said.
womp womp, but hey lets dig up some more felons to testify for the house. Heard that Al Capone and Lucky Luciano will join Nadlers circus soon to give their opinions.
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Jun 13, 2014
Just imagine the sheer restraint, empathy, and temperament Donald Trump must have, to not already put this fucking animal in prison.
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The Tribe Has Spoken
Oct 27, 2017
your mind
“High probability” “Russian services” “might have a copy”

Possibly created by a Russian source”

Russia! Russia! Russia!


Jun 17, 2015
Hahaha it was this very topic that got me my ban from the Shillary bots on GAF back in 2016.
This whole Email shit really just shows there is one rule for the elite and one rule for the proles. Workers have literally been thrown in jail for simply ACCIDENTALLY walking out of a secured zone with a classified document in their hand or bag they forgot they were carrying, meanwhile you get fucking Clinton set up a hot unsecured server with extremely sensitive classified information, it gets hacked in a second and she gets not even a wrist slapping. Same goes for the other SoS who have done similar shit in the past with private email accounts.
Completely infuriating, seen co-workers fired on the spot for less.