February is Black History Month - Let's Talk About Some of Our Favorite Black Characters in Gaming





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Lincoln Clay (Mafia 3 was not a very good game, but Lincoln was an excellent character)

Lee Everett (Pretty much kept me invested in the game I wasn't intially interested in and only picked up for easy gamer score, but ended up really enjoying the game to my surprise)

Bayek (probably by far my favourite AC lead character tbh, he was honestly excellent imo.)
Not even surprised by the the amount of racist joke posts. “So edgy”. What a cesspool. Delete this thread.
When I first entered the thread I felt the same way, but then I realized the dual benefit of a thread like this. It puts a good spotlight on black characters and at the same time it acts as a bait thread for edgy posters who can't help themselves but risk a ban for a bad joke.

I think we should create this thread every year.

My pick is Deadshot from the upcoming suicide squad game.
Since both Elena (Street Fighter) and Sheva (Resident Evil) have already been claimed in this thread -- as they should be, since they're probably the greatest black characters in Capcom's roster -- I'll add my own Street Fighter and RE characters:

Dudley, from the Street Fighter III series, the most classy boxer around:

Tyrell Patrick went from a 2-second throwaway cameo in the original 1999 version of Resident Evil 3, to an important secondary character in the 2020 remake of the game. Some of his lines, especially when he's with Carlos, are pure gold:



I don't remember /any of them as I don't pay attention to that but feo the top of my head it would be Nadine from Uncharted and Cole from Gears of War. There are probably some others which I can't remember.
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