February is Black History Month - Let's Talk About Some of Our Favorite Black Characters in Gaming

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This is a black man idc fight me.


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South American.
Makes sense, I think it's only celebrated in US, Canada and the UK.
Although it's become more popular in recent years.
Hence why I thought it was just October
Though in the US they celebrate in February because of Abraham Lincoln and Frederick Douglass.

So if I offended anyone with not being aware, I do apologize.
I'm English and was not aware and confused by the February Celebration.


Damn, I can't believe I forgot one of my all-time favorite characters in a video game even though he's not a playable character:
The Amazing Sgt Avery Johnson -- he knows what the ladies like :messenger_beaming:

I was about to flame this entire gaming board if y’all didn’t realize that Sgt Johnson is the best/only black character in gaming that Matters. Source - I was a 7 year old black boy once upon a time….


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My first MGS was the 4th one and I really like it. None of the others have really interested me though.
This is like saying that you like fucking armpits but you are not interested in pussy, ass and titty fucking...
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THIS! Loved this game when it came out in the late 90s on the Dreamcast, but never finished it. Been playing the Remaster the past week and even though the game takes place where some would consider to be Hell, I'm 25 hours in, and man...I'm in Heaven!

It's like Dark Souls before Dark Souls, mixed with a bit of Tomb Raider, and instead of medieval, it's voodoo! The sound design is fantastic! And to me, Shadow Man as a character is up there with the best of them! Would love to see this IP brought back or Shadow Man appear as a guest character in a new KI or MK.



Lucas Simms!​

Always made sure he survives, welcomes you perfectly into megaton & makes you feel apart of the world very quickly.



Eddy Gordo, Elena, Sheva, Dudley, Murdock, Raven (Tekken) are mine.

Spawn and ShadowMan if you go on technicality since they are actually comic book characters. And Menat on another technicality if you consider her more on the African side of Egyptian (dunno if backstory actually clarifies this, I just know it's a tricky thing to designate kinda like when talking about Brazilians tho in that case it's a lot easier).

Dude is a great actor for sure.

I love your picks, allow me just correct something it's Marduk ^^
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