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Fellow Canadians Help: I need some guidance with Credit Card...


Mar 1, 2015
Hi guys, I need some help.
So as many of you know this Holidays PlayStation 5 is a hot item.
I pre ordered a Disk ed PS5 in September when pre orders opened and I ordered 5 games.

Example: NBA, Demon Souls, Spiderman, .... well what ever. So each of the games here in Canada are 89.96 + 13% tax

Out of the Blue, few days before release, Walmart cancelled my Pre Order. Stating that "We have cancelled your order as per your request" This is completely false but not the point.

so I said screw it Walmart, you cancelled my Pre-order, I am returning all the games back.

So I returned 2 games in Store with Online Receipt and then 3 via Online return Request.

These games went back to Walmart's Return Center.
For the games that I returned in Store, I see a negative charge on my credit card. Meaning in a day or so the amount was returned.

For the games that were returned via Mail, they reached their return center 4 weeks ago (Nov 17) and Walmart has not refunded my money. I have not received any acknowledgement and when I speak to their support via Online Chat .. some state that they have "initiated a return" while others takes the negative charge of the instore returns (since the amount is same 89.96 + tax) and state we have already issued you refund.

One stupid lady saw a charge in September of similar amount and stated Walmart issued you a refund in September for items that were shipped in November...

So basically I am out of 300+ dollars and running in circles. I need help one way or another to get my money back from these crooks. Once i get the money back I am closing this credit card.

Is there any service that I can use which will investigate these idiots ? I called Walmart Rewards Credit card and I think the call center is in Philippines and the guy on the phone said... I see some negative charges and just abruptly transferred me to Walmart.ca's support.

Walmart is Fucking Trash. ... W O R S T company ever.
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Oct 26, 2018
Get hold of your CC, show them proof of the return and that your account wasn;t credit back the money.

If this WM Rewards Card customer service centre sucks, then demand to talk to someone up the chain of command there.

If nobody at this shitty customer service hotline will help you, then you got to do what I did at a few places where the front line workers are being assholes and dont want to help with a supervisor. And it's worked EVERY TIME.

You Google or Linked In search higher up people at that company, find their work email and send them a big note saying your having trouble getting resolution and if they can look into it and help you out. Try to look for supervisors and directors that have to do with Walmart financial services or something closely related as possible. No point emailing a Walmart Fleet Truck Manager.
One time I went straight to the fucking CEO after I had issues with a shipment. I spoke to THREE jackasses. One by phone, one by screen chat, one by email. So I did my time of running through hoops. "Nothing they can do"

Fuck this, I found the CEO's email address, emailed him my issue and purchase order number etc..... Someone called me back the next fucking day and solved it. Then a day or two later, someone called me from the customer service centre and offered me $15 off a future purchase too.
Another time, I moved out of an old condo but they still charge me an extra months fees. The guy handling it and the management company even emailed me saying it was a mistake and it would be credit back. No biggie. Mistakes happen. Suddenly, 1 week becomes a month.... 2 months..... 5 months? Where's my fucking credit back Calvin? You've been telling me for 5 months in back and forth emails it's coming.

Fuck it, so I emailed the CEO of the management company (found his name and contact info on their website) what's going on. Well, look at that. I get a reply back apologizing for the delay and that week I got my money back. They pumped out a cheque for the credit and offered either to mail it to me, or I come get it. I went and got it. Done.
Here's a funny one. One of the previous owners to my house I keep getting mail. It wasn't even the guy I bought the house from but from an even older owner. That's how long ago it's been going on. I return to sender with a note and even emailed the bank he doesn't live here anymore. Customer service on email even acknowledge and say it'll be fixed. His old mailings keeps coming. I tell my neighbour and he says he died like a long time ago.

So I re-email them saying he died, so please don't send me his banking info anymore. Then one guy replies they have to "for legal reasons" or some weird answer. I don't know what legal reason it is, but the guys been dead forever. There's no point, I live here. So this goes on for like 10 months.

It got to a point I said fuck it. I found a VP of Marketing and Communications guy and found his public contact info. Emailed him. Well look at that problem solved. Suddenly I get a phone call from some CSR manager saying they resolved the issue and I won't be getting his old mail anymore. And I haven't.
Sometimes you just got to go up the chain of command when the assholes don't fix it at the bottom and keep stonewalling you.
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Oct 26, 2018
Okay, I will try to ask for a senior person/manager tomorrow :)
Good luck.

If they won't let you speak with a higher level person and resolve it, or that supervisor even says no........

Then it's you're choice what to do from there. Edge up the chain of command slowly or go for the kill finding a VP or CEO. You saw what I did.
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