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It's true, there was a link made live but quickly taken down. A 5 is a major boner killer if it turns out to be the real score
That would really blow my mind, considering how generous EG are with their scores.

Also, to clarify, the IGF jury was mainly composed of developers and academics. The judging pool consisted of writers and developers. I can see the game being divisive in that there's little there to propel a cynic. The game is, tonally, more similar to Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP, the Team ICO games and Journey than it is to older, traditional platformers. Which is not to say it isn't more cheery (it is), but it is very deliberate and if you don't enjoy being in that world you're likely not going to get it.

Pie and Beans

Look for me on the local news, I'll be the guy arrested for trying to burn down a Nintendo exec's house.
Welp, gameplay is out and nothing indicative of a metroidvania at all. Which mod shall I contact to have the topic title changed to avoid mass GAF disappointment and this game earning yet more accolades it doesnt deserve?
So you've had the opportunity to play it?
He probably hasn't, but regardless, the term metroidvania is overused and attributed incorrectly on a seemingly constant basis and it will lead people astray in regards to Fez, which is clearly not a metroidvania game. If you have to pigeonhole it to a genre, it's a puzzle platformer.
I doubt his motives altruistic, and I'd argue it, as someone that's actually played the game, more "Metroidvania" than other popular titles that've received the tag on these forums. But I suppose I'd also call it a puzzle platformer first, if asked.
Welp, gameplay is out and nothing indicative of a metroidvania at all. Which mod shall I contact to have the topic title changed to avoid mass GAF disappointment and this game earning yet more accolades it doesnt deserve?
It's a 'Mystroidvania' though lol- which just means it's inspired by mainly Myst and Metroidvania games.
Well I've probably never played your game, but this looks to have very little in common with Braid to me.
Sorry typo while I was walking to work. It looks like the mechanics of rotating the camera to find ledges and collectibles have more in common with braid than "trial and error." When I think of trial and error I think of games that are obvious in objective but make it difficult to achieve. Platformers like Super Meat Boy and games that require you to memorize patterns. I haven't seen much of Fez but nothing has led me to believe trial and error is the mechanic.
Phil Fish has definitely talked about it. It had something to do with him not actually do the work he said he was or something similar. There was falling out.

Your taste is your taste, but I can definitely say that Disasterpiece makes amazing music (from his albums and other games), and that the songs in FEZ are amazing. Hopefully once you play the game you'll get a better idea about how you feel about them. :)
lol wow didn't know they changed music guys.. no wonder this game took 5 years to make lol. I really perfer Disasterpieces style more. I'm definitely getting the demo and will unlock if blown away. This shit shouldn't take this damn long. One guy or not.
Fish has promo codes for friends and probably press.

Worth noting that Brandon tweeted his completion of the game 1:24am on the 7th of April, and he started playing at 9:53am on the 6th. Which is 15 hours and 31 minutes. Apparently he went to sleep during this period, and was fucking about on twitter for a while also. So I'm guessing it's a short game, he says he had played a lot of early builds so he could probably steam through huge chunks. But going for super completion collect-em-all must take a while. If he slept for 8 hours, and was away from controller for 1 I'd guess it's 6-8 hours long.
I really dont need another damn game... but thats good. 8 a most is like 20 for me. I'm a slow gamer. Definitely 20 if I take my time and 100% it. Maybe take a few days.
It's fine to use both of those considerations when making a purchase decision but I don't see what limited time and money have to do with whether or not a person cares about the second criterion.
some people care would they give their money too. I didn't like Fish's attitude in the past 3 months or soo, but whatever, he's probably under stress from hell. If it doesn't do well he has wasted 5 years of his life. lol I know what that feels like. IF you guys are unsure just download the demo.

Also not sure if correct but isn't live rewards giving 300 points this month for playing your 360 in April. lol I've had 2700 points for like a year. so fuck it nothin else to buy. If so then this is just 500P...