FIFA 17 teaser trailer (Frostbite for PC/PS4/XB1, September 27)

So it actually is on Frostbite? Color me surprised. This is actually a huge change for milions of players who play everyday, getting used to new engine after years on the same old one will be tremendous.
Will a new graphics engine change the gameplay? I actually have no idea.

I fucking hope so. If this shit has more high pressure abuse, more top corner finesses from 45' angles, 40 yard long shots, instant-fake-shot control, ball roll glitch, animation frames glitch abuse... god so many engine exploits in the current game.

Hope it's all fixed with the move to Frostbite.


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Aww yis. Adjusted the brightness a little.

Can't fucking wait.

Edit: Oh shit is that Mourinho at the sideline of the Man Utd match against BVB?

A new graphics engine won't result in all new gameplay.
It's not just a graphics engine, it's a total engine change. It will affect every little thing like physics. They can't just take the gameplay engine of 16, hook it up with Frostbite and hit re-compile. If the gameplay is similar again, they had to make it similar from scratch.

The Ignite engine was a lie anyway, it was a slightly tweaked version of the engine they were using before this gen. This is the most radical shift in the technology of a FIFA game since 09 I believe.

Will a new graphics engine change the gameplay? I actually have no idea.
Yes, because Frostbite will be doing more than just graohics.
Frostbite engine change is certainly intriguing.

I know you can't always read into the quality of visuals from announcements and trailers, but those screens do look good. And crucially they do look different. Hopeful that the move to Frostbite proves to be significant.


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Hasn't Fifa had instant replays for like...decades now?
Yeah, I'm talking about the implications of Frostbite now running FIFA and all the engine requirements they must have developed to support Frostbite running a sports title and not a level based shooter/racing title. The engine was level based before this and didn't to my knowledge support instant replays among other things like the former sports engine did.
I really hope this is optimized better than EA Tiburon's PGA Tour. Also what the chances that both consoles are running at 1080p60? Based on the history of games using this engine, I'm guess 900p60 for X1

Tends to vary. Plants vs. Zombies is 60 FPS and 1080p IIRC.
DF has it at 1080p for PS4 and 900p for X1. So a bump up from the usual 900p/720p split