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We are on the air with another episode of FGHQ, ladies and gentleman, and we are happy to say we are finally on the Road to EVO!

All of the greatest games out there have made it here to FGHQ to join us tonight and here they are now!

Here's the greatest tag team direct from Japan, the ANIME GAMES!

And from down south we've got the baddest hombre around, KING OF FIGHTERS XIV!

And look at this brooding fellow! We've got everyone's favorite loner, INJUSTICE 2!

Everyone here is just thrilled to be--wait, what's this now? Oh come on, not these jokers!

Look who's coming down to start trouble, the Outsiders, SMASH 4 and MELEE! Y'know I really can't stand these guys, they always have to stick their noses into tournament and--OH NO, what's happening?

Look at that, oh no they are just tearing EVO apart! What are we going to do, who will step in to save EVO?!

Look who's here! It's STREET FIGHTER V, coming in to rescue us all! WAIT, NO! WHAT IS HE DOING?


"The first thing you gotta realize is this is the future of professional gaming! This is the NINTENDO WORLD ORDER of eSports, brother!"

WHAT IS FGHQ GOING TO DO NOW? There's no fighting game out there that can stop the NWO. The FGC doesn't stand a chance. Hold on, no...what's this? Coming down from the rafters...

Look there, it's TEKKEN 7! Tekken has come to save us, he's going to take on the NWO!

But we're out of time, folks! We'll catch you on Thunder!



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Often, some fighting games can seem intimidating to players new and old. Below are a bunch of resources that may be of aid to new players, or handy as references.


Wall of Shame


Wait...wait...CAN IT BE? OH MY GOD IT'S MARVEL 3! Just in time for EVO! Finally, the roster of ultimate Superstars is complete!
Saw all the wrestling and thought it was Beef doin this thread lol.

Fitting the last post of the other thread was me making an Arcana Heart 3 Love Max post lol. BTW still find it weird that the friggin gallery mode hid an entire game inside of it. There's an entire different story mode with matches per character tucked away inside an area called "memories'. I kind of like this main story through all your character's branching story path options and unlock a 5 chapter side story of that character and a 10 chapter additional set of story adventures for them. It'd be neat to get like Deadpool or Wesker side adventures and stuff in Marvel that way. Sorta like one off comics or character centric comics outside the main plot just to let folks enjoy that character and their type of adventures.

Its sorta like the Blaz Blue gajillion hour story novels honestly.
Makes me want to play through the other story paths to unlock side adventures. Nice cheap way to extend single player content.
Did somebody say Anime? Lets get some anime fighter gifs on this first page.

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max pressure with Dorothy.

Nitroplus Blasterz corner pressure with Super Sonico using high low kitties (yes her air attack hits low. The cat on the ground attacks), baiting grab with an assist locking down jumps.

Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax Ignition image extract of Minato's crazy mixup options.

Melty in Blade Arcus killing fools with icecream :p

Tatsunoko vs Capcom Ultimate All Stars running in Dolphin webm
tl;dr: tekken rools, sfv drools
Save us Tekkan!

All you need to know is that K̶u̶r̶t̶ ̶A̶n̶g̶l̶e̶ Captain America has a catchy theme
Its like Patriotism threw up into my ears.

Is that the Rock?

what were you doing in the 90s MBB

watching Friends or something?
I am just a Ross living in a Joey world. I love you Rachel!
I haven't played Pokken in almost a year. The only surprising thing about this donation drive was a reminder that the game still has a community. Are there people online?
yeah, people still play. There's also a fairly active discord server so it's not that hard to find regular matches.