Fighting Games Weekly | April 16-22

Sakura > 5 dhalsims.
He came so close to beating the 3rd one, but pretty much lost as soon as he got hit by Dhalsim's mashed ultra in the corner. I don't know why he didn't do a air tatsu. That would have moved him forward enough to avoid it, but he just went straight down after the neutral jump.
Oh shit, it's KOK2.0, finally a chance to see the #1 Evil Ryu in Japan :D

EDIT: But of course he loses to Dhalsim, bad match up. If he gets in, he can do tons of damage, but it's hard to get in.
Oh yeah, I should probably post the teams haha.

Great Fake Show
Noriyasu (Dhalsim)
Pipin (Dhalsim)
YHC-Mochi (Dhalsim)
Tsunnyao (Dhalsim)
Oyaji wa Sakana-ya (Dhalsim)
Misshi wo Kataseru Kai
Misshi (Dudley)
a.k.a.jojo (M.Bison)
Juso (Sakura)
KOK (Evil Ryu)
Banbaban (Cammy)

Noriyasu vs. KOK now.
Shiko Fumiai Kumiai
Gajiki・Tomapo (E.Honda)
C-TYPE (E.Honda)
Ni no Ude (E.Honda)
Nagabuchi (E.Honda)
My Melo (E.Honda)
Baikuri Heads
Michael-tan (Ken)
Taku@Ratio4 (Blanka)
Pamyu~ (Balrog)
EX Mamehara (Adon)
Gachi-kun (Sagat)
Bah, Sim team prevails. That means no more chance to see KOK on this stream. USD, is this is single elim?
It's a Japanese tourney, that should be obvious, haha. Plus 44 teams.
I figured it was single elim, I was just holding out hope that it wouldn't be as silly as that sounds. Oh well, no KOK until Shadowloo Showdown I guess :(

Rooting for Team Honda to take out this Blanka though since I want to see Pamyu or Michael Tan step up to the plate.
50 Yen Powers
50 Yen (El Fuerte)
dath (C.Viper)
Sorikin (Rufus)
Meu (Makoto)
Harideshi (M.Bison)
Dakyou Shite Inbe
GamerBee (Adon)
666 (Yang)
Hai Teki (Makoto)
Popo Jirou (Ryu)
CANTONA (Zangief)

And lol, "tan" is just a suffix, that would be like calling Bon-chan "Chan."
Been watching FGTV stream since it started and I must saw Bronson is the most underrated Marvel player... Everyone knows him from Tekken and Cross Assault but he secretly good in Marvel 2 and Marvel 3.
Hi-Oct 4 + Keiyu 1
Inago3 (156 Yen/L) (Hakan)
Konattsan (Keiyu) (Hakan)
Datsui (178 Yen/L) (Hakan)
Denki Bran (185 Yen/L) (Hakan)
Reopaldon (159 Yen/L) (Hakan)
Maji S.U.D
Ikari no K Bison (Balrog)
SAW (Ibuki)
Tanaka Kentarou (Dudley)
Shabu (Dudley)
Eetro (Ibuki)
Kenteki Hissatsu
Eita (Akuma)
Kindevu (Cammy)
Dogura (M.Bison)
Haitani (Makoto)
MDR (Rufus)
Shakariki Dynamic
Score (Yun)
U~nko☆Tarezou (Adon)
Ushioni (Balrog)
Chawan (Seth)
P (Makoto)

Haha Kindevu cycling through cards.
I think MDR is arguably the best Rufus in the world. Too bad he can't try and prove it because like most Japanese players, he lacks the fund to travel to huge international tournaments.
and lets keep it that way.

The last thing we need is more rufuses at tournaments.
You sure you got the right game? If this were SFxT, then I'm with you. But since this is AE 2012, I don't mind Rufus at all. I actually like fighting him since he has to get in to do damage(I play a aggressive style) and his reversal in this game isn't that great, at least against Shoto's(cr. LK all day, go over me so I get a free DP baby).